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 I’m on my third changing bag. I’m still not completely in love with what I have now, but it’s functional and is fairly easy on the eye. The first two were shoulder/messenger type bags, both bought from eBay. 

The first one we busted the zips, lots of newborn ‘essentials’ crammed in eventually overloaded it and they stopped fitting together, which for a zip is a bit of a problem! 

The second one I only stopped using because I wanted a rucksack for travelling abroad as it was easier to baby wear and carry a rucksack than a shoulder bag. I still have the second bag, and may use it again, but I’m not fussed on the material it’s made of, and the rucksack is (still not great) marginally better than the messenger bag.

Something you should also know about me is that I’m a hoarder. My school bag, handbag, whatever bag I’ve needed over the year has always been packed with too much -crap- stuff, that I ‘need’ or carry just in case, so with my changing bag I’ve tried to streamline the essentials and also create a way to be able to carry everything that I need and move it from baby bag to handbag if I’m ever going out without G.

You may have read my posts on the first aid kit and carryon bag for holidays, and my bag essentials were created and perfected from them.

The changing bag always has ‘Mummy’s Magic Box’, nappies and wipes as THE essentials, but you’ll usually find a drink, snacks, bibs, emergency spoons and a sonic screwdriver in there too. Who doesn’t have a sonic screwdriver in the changing bag!?

It looks so tidy! Clearly photo purpose only!

What is ‘Mummy’s Magic Box’ I hear you cry!? Ok, maybe you didn’t cry it out loud, but I bet you were wondering…

Checking out ‘Mummy’s Magic Box’

The clip top plastic box contains all the little bits and bobs that are essential but end up living in the bottom corners of the bag, or wandering off and can’t be found when needed. It also contains my mini first aid ‘ouch pouch’.

Mini tub of sudocreme


Hand sanitizer

Nappy bags

Eczema cream

Paracetamol (for me!)

A comb

Pack of tissues

Balloons (aka emergency toys!)

Inside the magic box

The ‘Ouch pouch’ –


Antiseptic wipes


(The balloons live in there too because the smell really strong!)


The ‘Ouch Pouch’

I also carry my make up essentials and painkillers (migraine sufferer alert) in a pencil case (it was cheaper than a makeup bag!) which makes it much easier to transfer from bag to bag.

My make up essentials

You’ll also almost always find

Deodorant/body spray

Glasses (I wear contacts but usually have glasses with me just in case)

Hairbrush (not used enough!)

A quick dry nail varnish

Calamine cream (prickly heat sufferer)

Chewing gum

Everything I need!

 However if you check in any of my bags you’ll also almost always find lots and lots of sweet wrappers, old post it’s and receipts. Hey I did say I’m a hoarder :D
What are your essentials? Do you have any tips on changing from bag to bag?

Mrs H xxx

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