Never has there been a truer quote about parenthood. 

There are days when I wonder how I can do this. How much longer the “phases” last. When is it bed time and I can stop the watching, following, repeating myself 3 thousand times a minute. 

But then there are other days when I don’t know where all the time has gone. Why there isn’t more time for laughing, cuddles and taking in how miraculous and perfect G is. 

And that’s what being a parent is. A complete mix of perfection and tiredness. 

Today I’ve thought about how fast these 2 years have gone. How short 731 days can be, even when some of those days have felt longer than the rest! How much has changed since you entered our world, and made it better. And as bad as some of those days were, I don’t want to change them. But I do want to remember to keep filling the future days with as much laughing and cuddling as possible! 

You are so clever and funny. I never thought how much you could learn in such a short time. You’ve got all these words an you’re talking to everyone all the time. Sometimes they’re not clearly understandable, but we’re learning what you mean and they get clearer all the time. 

You love colours, naming them and pointing them out. You love cars, trains and spotting airplanes in the sky. You love Thomas the Tank and you know them all. You get cross if I don’t name them correctly straight away. You get so excited when you spot someone you know or a favourite character in tv.

You are so strong and physical. You love sprinting around, jumping and spinning. You love splashing in the swimming pool. You love being outdoors in sun or rain. Puddles are made for you, and if there’s sand or mud or a stone to be thrown you’ll find it. Even if mum says no! 

You are funny and love laughing. You like tickling and making us all laugh too. 

I can’t list everything you know and do because there’s just too much to say. 

You are our world and you are so special. 
Love you millions beautiful boy! 

Lots of love, Mum & Dad xxx

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