It’s nothing that hasn’t been said before, many have written, tweeted, blogged about it. First trimester is frigging hard!! Even doing nothing is hard. Your body is growing a person and its bloody tiring! Even a walk up the stairs can leave you out of breath and needing a quick sit down. It can be so frustrating being that tired out all the time. But first time round, apart from when I was in work, I could have a little nap, a lie down or just chill out for half hour. 
This time it’s a bit different. Toddlers don’t understand resting and unplanned naps. And they still expect to be fed and bathed at the right times. Selfish little sods!

Talking of being fed, trying to plan G’s meals has been a lot harder the last few weeks. Its hard making and planning lunch when you’re not sure if you can stomach chopping up chicken or smelling peanut butter. Cue lots of retching and a confused and worried toddler! Poor little dude looks so worried and all I can do is try and swat him away until it stops and then give him lots of cuddles when it’s over. 
When you’re just two it must be a weird thing to watch and not understand.

Talking of retching (pregnancy is soooo glam isn’t it!?) I can’t brush my teeth without having a major retch attack. It’s frustrating because it’s not exactly something you can stop for a few weeks. Seriously, I can just about manage my front two teeth but any more than those and I can’t stop! 
Pregnant with your first you can endure these little annoyances in peace. This time? I know have an almost two year old stood next to me brushing his teeth and making very loud fake retching noises. 


I’m looking forward to the second trimester promise of more energy!

Mrs H xxx

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