We’re so excited to be going on our first family holiday of 2016 soon! And as usual I’ve been gathering a lists of stuff to take, pack, wear, eat etc. The carry on was a new challenge this year. Last year it was all about clean bottles, getting milk and extra liquid through security, and making sure Baby G got his breakfast. 

This year it’s more about entertainment! The flight is only going to be about 4 hours long, but that’s 2 hours longer than our first holiday abroad last year. And with G being much more active and inquisitive this year we’re really trying to pack stuff that’s going to entertain him for as long as possible, the flight and longer, factoring possible delays and waiting times. 

When we went on holiday last year it was a few weeks before he started walking, so at least this year we’ll at least be able to stretch our legs with him up and down the aisle, but of course we don’t want him practising his 50 meter sprints for the entire 4 hours. 

Not sure one of those little bags of sweets and a note apologising to other passengers would cut it for our little tornado.

I know the whole ipad/television for toddlers’ thing is hotly debated and I’m not looking to start a discussion on pros and cons. We’re ok with G watching television, mostly CBeebies, and having access to our ipad with supervision. Although we’re going to be taking other activities I’m not ashamed to say that the ipad is number one on the toddler’s carry on list. We’ve got a kids case to make it easier for him to hold onto and special kids headphones with volume control. The CBeebies app has got lots of educational games, and having a few episodes of Thomas and Friends or Frozen on standby is no bad thing. 
Recently we were offered access to Kidlo Land Nursery Rhymes app. It’s a fab free app that has the option to purchase extra packages for it. It has a TON of songs and rhymes! Both G and his cousin have had an absolute blast exploring all of them. There are so many categories, alphabet, numbers, animals, shapes and loads more. The songs alone keep them entertained, but there’s little things in each song that if pressed will say something or make a noise. Both boys have really enjoyed trying to find them all in every song. Hence the headphones for the plane…!
With all the different categories to choose from it’s also a really good resource to help teach your child about lots of different things, talk through colours and shapes for example. It would be really great paired with some craft activities or other learning activities, sorting shapes, counting, painting by numbers. It’s also really great for parents who could do with a refresher course in nursery rhymes! I know I’ve been perplexed trying to remember old songs and rhymes when a relative has been trying to explain them after school or nursery.
As well as the ipad we will be taking other activities to keep G busy. A colouring book and crayons, stickers, possibly a train or two. The only problem with crayons is that they tend to roll, so I’m on the lookout for triangle shaped ‘anti roll’ crayons, or possibly melting some of the crayons we have, and remoulding them in a fun shaped ice cube tray. “New” crayons that wont roll off the little fold down table. The only challenge will be stopping him accidentally colouring in the actual table! Colouring isn’t easy to understand when your almost 2. Who needs paper when the whole world can be crayoned!

Do you have any tips or activities for keeping a toddler entertained on a flight?
Mrs H xxx

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