Hurry up Mum! I need to go splash!

We went for a free taster lesson with Water Babies and G had a brilliant time! I wasn’t sure what to expect, what we’d be doing or whether G would enjoy a structured lesson rather than just splashing about.

I thought maybe we’d splash about on the sidelines and watch what a lesson was all about but we were encouraged to join in straight away. The instructor was really friendly and welcoming, and assured us to just join in as much as we could or as G wanted to. No pressure to ‘fit in’ straight away at all. There’s lots of songs and movements to join in with and swimming ‘actions’ to learn, kicking legs etc and G started to pick things up much sooner than I was expecting. Because the lessons are so relaxed and fun it’s more like joining in with a toddler play group but in the water.

Not too far into the lesson we had to stand at the side of the pool and let our littles go whilst they swam to the instructor. It was only a distance of about 2-3 feet and I thought we’d be told to miss it out because we hadn’t been before, but our turn came and I struggled not to have a complete mummy break down, letting my precious baby boy go in the water. Of course he was fine and had a big beaming smile on his face when he swam back to me.

locking everything up safe

I was so surprised at how much he joined in, solo swimming, ‘diving’ off the side, running over a large float and jumping into the pool. The only thing I couldn’t get him to join in with was using a hoop weight as a car steering wheel! Why steer when you can launch it across the pool and make a big splash! At 45-50 minutes long it’s the longest time he’s ever spent in the swimming pool, and I think he’d have stayed even longer. He enjoyed it so much. He cried a little when we had to go get changed, “more splash Mum?” It was so good to know we were right about swimming lessons for G!

new ‘monster’ pouches are a great size for toddlers!

The most important thing to remember for post swim (apart from a warm fluffy towel of course) is a big snack! G was ravenous waiting for me to get changed. He inhaled a pouch of raspberry yogurt and a pot of raisins. Thankfully our favourite NomNom Pouches have released a new design and bigger size, they’re perfect to fill up with lots of delicious smoothies and yogurts for a post swim snack. They’re also fairly mess free and G can hold it and control it, meaning I’m left alone for 2 minutes to get myself dressed. Handy when you have to actually leave the building. No one wants to see a half dressed parent wrapped in a towel trying to hold it up one handed and juggle a toddler to the car!

We’re going to have lots of fun practising all of the new songs and skills when we start lessons soon!

Have you taken your toddlers swimming? What’s their favourite post swim snack?

Mrs H xxx

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