Today I’m joining in with my first ever blog book tour, and hopefully not my last. I was sent a digital copy of this book in order to join in with the book tour, the blurb and author descriptions were provided for me to include, but the review is my own.

My favourite book genres are crime thrillers, so I was pleased to be offered this book as my first blog tour. There’s always a joke from Mr H when I’m reading as to how many people have been killed as a direct correlation to whetherI’m enjoying the book. I see it as a direct opposite to my usually lovely personality, and a complete escape from my reality….at least I hope so haha!!

The blurb:



Multiple murders with one grisly connection have Detectives Tom Stone and Jake Sharpe pursuing every lead.  Their main suspect, Anthony Angelino, fresh out of prison, dreams of building a new empire, but his past quickly catches up to him.  Once again he is on the run from the police and the drug cartel that tried to ruin him.

The head of the cartel, Frank DeVito, tails Stone hoping the Detective’s investigation will flush out Angelino.  Then he can exact his revenge and claim what he says Angelino has stolen – a large shipment of pure cocaine.

Angelino’s girlfriend, Sara, pleads for him to escape the deadly lifestyle.  As the body count rises, Stone confronts the challenges in his relationship with Alisha Davidson, Angelino’s defense attorney.

Halloween dramatically twists into Day of the Dead celebrations as cocaine’s promised riches weave a tale of bloody betrayal, shattered friendships and loves both lost – and won.

About the Authors:

Lon Casler Bixby

Lon is a published author in various genres: Fiction, Poetry, Humor, Photography, and Comic Books. He is also a professional award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in a wide variety of magazines, art & coffee table books, and has also been displayed in Art Galleries throughout the world.

Lon lives out of his photography studio in Burbank, California where he shares his living space with his wonderful, albeit spoiled, Silver Lab named Silver.

Don Simkovich

Don returned to his love for writing fiction after years of writing and narrating a radio spot series, marketing copy, and handling the pressures of a wild and crazy family life.

Frequent calls to the local Sheriff’s office, plus the intensity of handling teen alcoholism and teen pregnancy pressed stories from his mind like Earth’s weighty layers turn shale into harvestable fuel.

Well, you get the picture.

Don has fine-tuned his craft writing romance to crime fiction and the recent Tom Stone detective stories.

He lives at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains with his family, two dogs, and anyone else who happens to drop by and live for a spell.

The review:

So, what did I think?

It took me a little while to get into the book and get used to all the characters, but I actually think that was more to do with me trying to start the book at the beginning of the holiday, traveling and being interrupted by the kids.

Once I’d gotten into the first few chapters I was hooked, and I’ve taken every opportunity this holiday to read it, and was done in less than a week.

I became really invested in the characters journeys, the good and the bad. Normally I’d prefer a bit more of a whodunnit, but the way the story unfolded meant that although you could see hw the story may pan out, you were still left guessing about who and how everyone interlinked throughout the book. Lots of little twists and turns mean things never get dull.

There was suitable blood shed for me though the descriptions weren’t all too gruesome if that’s not your thing. There was plenty left to the imagination, in a great way.

I was told before I read the book that this was the third in the Tom Stone series, but I’d actually forgotten when I read the book, so I can say for sure that this works as a stand alone story. I have downloaded the first two books onto my kindle because I’d like to read about the build up to what happens in this book, but The Day of the Dead is certainly easy to read on its own.

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