Anyone who has been, or is currently pregnant will know. People will always give you advice. Whether you ask for it or not, whether it’s needed or not, people have always got something to say. The pregnancy, the labour, the birth, the newborn stage, and on it goes. And I’m pretty sure those of us who have been on the receiving end of such advice can attest for the fact that it’s not always welcome. It’s pretty safe to say that unless someone asks outright, they don’t really want it.


Having said that, amongst all the dodgy comments I thought there MUST be some gems that have helped people? So I reached out to my blogging buddies and asked them what advice they received that you might actually want to know!
There’s some real crackers in here! I particularly like no. 3, 6 and 22, but there’s lots of really useful words of wisdom from the blogging world we’d like to share with you.

1. “Be selfish. It’s ok to say ‘no’ (to people and housework). They grow up so fast.”




2. “Someone told me to treat birth like a special occasion because you only do it a couple of times in your life. It gave me the push I needed to spend money on a birth pool and I’m so glad I did.”



3. “Best advice I had was to ignore all the advice 😂

One of the midwives said to me that everyone will give me conflicting information, even them, and that I should just cherry pick the bits that I thought would work for me.”



4. “A colleague told me that labour is so called because of the work you have to put into it. But like all good things in life, you have work hard to get what you want”



5. “I found the white noise advice handy as it did help settle my boy in the eve :) “



6. “I appreciated hearing that it was okay not to feel the rush of love immediately after birth. Not everyone does and, if you don’t, don’t panic – it’ll come.”



7. “To stay active and keep doing all the things you usually do, like your usual exercise, walking the dog and so on. You are pregnant and not ill! You still need to be healthy and mobile.”




8. ”He won’t die from crying” – when I was struggling this mantra from my mum really helped. Even though it sounds harsh, it was enough for me to take a step back, catch my breath & start again without loosing my patience or falling to pieces in those first few weeks”



9. “Go with the flow. It’ll take time to “get to know” your baby so as much as you can plan what you think you’ll do, you never can be sure.”



10. “‘Don’t listen to everyone’s advice, just go with your own instinct and forget what others say.’”



11. “Do your pelvic floor exercises. It’s the one piece of advice I pass onto all my pregnant friends!! They’ll thank me when they’re at a trampoline park!!”



12. “To go on a babymoon and get some sun and rest. It’s your last time alone as a couple and I’m so pleased we did it. I felt loads better from it and it’s great you don’t have to hold your tummy in at the pool! “



13. “Don’t feel guilty if you can’t or don’t want to breast feed. Your baby will be just as strong and develop normally…..dont listen to those ‘negative’ people. “



14. “Babies are tough. Trust your gut. And stop looking at the clock at nighttime when they wake. “



15. “I had lots of people say rest in your last month. I worked until 2 weeks before my due date (which was the 4th Jan) and between working full-time and Christmas I was wrecked leading up to the birth of my son. I wish I’d heeded the advice and finished work sooner. “



16. “Enjoy your time before baby comes, it might be the last time you are on your own.”



17. “When I was expecting my first baby I had no experience with babies at all … no younger siblings or nieces/nephews etc. I was so worried I wasn’t go to know what to do, or what he would need. My Mum assured me that instinct would kick in and it would all come naturally. And, of course it did. In saying that I would also stress to new mummy’s to – be, that it’s ok to ask for help if you aren’t sure about something too 😊 “



18. “Two things my friend told me. Labour hurts like hell but its natural and will be over and worth it. All babies get rashes, if there are no other symptoms then wait three days before going to the doctor. (Glass test excluded of course!)”



19. “Dedicate a weekend or a few days to visitors after the birth, have an open house and let everyone meet the little one then. This saves the constant dribble of visitors for weeks on end that can be so draining. “



20. “A midwife told me to put a sign on the front door for the first few weeks that said when we were all asleep so that if people dropped by (or a salesperson etc.) they wouldn’t disturb us :)”



21. “Don’t have any visitors on days 3 and 4 after birth. These are you weepy “my precious” days when you just want to cry and hold your baby. You don’t need anyone else around for this. Hibernate! This is normal and ok! Also, don’t overheat them. Same number of layers as you!”
Mrs Hergerburger



22. “There is no right way or wrong way to be a parent. Go with your heart and do what feels right to you”




What advice were you given (because you are sure to have had some!) that you’ve actually appreciated and though “yeah! I’ll remember that…and pass on to someone else who hasn’t asked for any” ;)



Mrs H xxx

3 comments on “Pregnancy Advice You Might Actually Want”

  1. All great bits of advice! I like no. 4… Labour is precious as we only do it once/twice/three times (?) and it’s sensation that you can own, its not pain that’s inflicted on you, it comes from you, you own that ‘pain’. I find it very liberating and empowering. The build up is hell but active labour I find euphoric!

    • This is so true. Both times hurt like hell, but I think I actually enjoyed them! I look back on both (very different) experiences fondly, and we haven’t ruled out no. 3, so it can’t be that bad! Congratulations on your no. 3 by the way! We shall have to compare positive birth stories soon xx

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