Low iron levels were a bit of a problem for me during my first pregnancy. I was already taking a small dose of iron tablets throughout the last few months of the pregnancy, but during my emergency c-section I lost a lot of blood, so a higher dose was needed to get my ron levels back up.

Anyone who has ever needed to take an iron supplement will know that there is one major side affect, the pleasant experience that is constipation. I know, lush isn’t it!?

But I took it, drunk gallons of orange juice whilst I did, and soon I was able to ditch them and carry on as normal.

Roll on second pregnancy and my iron levels plummeted again. They’re not pleasant but they do their job, just hand over the box and I’ll start popping them again. No problem. Except this time there was. I’d managed to develop a second side affect to them. They were making me really ill and quite sick. It took a little while to figure out why I was getting so sick, it would subside and I’d be fine again after a day or so but then would start again. 

We eventually worked out it was the iron tablets. Whilst I was being sick I stopped taking them, as most food and liquids weren’t staying down, taking tablets wasn’t even on my mind. But once the sickness was over I’d go back to taking them and the sickness would start again.

It was starting to worry me a little. I needed the tablets to help me and help grow my baby, but they were making me so ill too!

I remembered a brief conversation I’d had with a lovely lady at BML16. BlueIron were there to tell us all about their liquid iron supplement. Reported a tasty way to take iron supplements that was easy on the stomach. Mainly meaning that you wouldn’t have to suffer from the main side affect, constipation. I got in touch with them, they kindly sent some bottles for me to try.

They have been an absolute life saver!

I have to be honest and say the claim for ‘great tasting’ is a bit of a stretch. It does indeed have a lovely blueberry flavour, but it does come with a metallic aftertaste that makes sure you know you’ve taken it. Not entirely pleasant, but a pretty minor point for an overall great product.

It’s been a vital part of my pregnancy and post part diet, that otherwise hasn’t been the healthiest. The gentle way the iron is absorbed means that it didn’t make me sick at all, I’ve had no sickness or nausea caused by it at all since I started taking it. There’s also no need to drink gallons of orange juice to help it absorb either.

And perhaps the best thing about it? It really doesn’t cause any constipation at all!

Low iron can be such a crap thing to suffer from, so many people are unknowingly suffering from extreme tiredness and low moods simply from a low iron count. Just generally this would be helpful, but post partum it could be a real mood saver! And with all those pesky hormones really doing a number on us, I’ll take any help I can get!

As far as I know you can’t get this as easily on prescription unless you are really suffering from the effects of tablets, but not many doctors will easily prescribe it. However it is easy to order online, and seriously worth the price. I’ll continue to buy and take this in the future.

Mrs H xxx

*disclaimer – I was sent a trial pack of Blue Iron Liquid Supplement to review, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own


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