Like so many others out there, I have suffered with a poor self image for so many years. Mostly revolving around weight. I’ve always felt like I was chubby and overweight and like that somehow made me feel less pretty or worth less than other girls my age.
The stupid thing of course is that I wish I was as fat now as I thought I was then!

I wasn’t fat. I was barely chubby. But a few insensitive comments made when I was younger really affected me. It’s completely ridiculous how much negative comments can deeply affect us, and no amount of positive ones can level that out. I’m not the only one like this surely?

And I know for a fact that if Mr H ever reads this he’ll be shaking his head and saying “I tell you this ALL THE TIME!” but we don’t listen to the ones we love right? Because they’re just being nice, glossing over our imperfections. But it’s because they don’t see them, they just see the great things about us!

18 Weeks

Bizarrely enough I am more body positive when I am at my biggest, most distended, and have the strangest things going on to my body. When I’m pregnant. I know not everyone can feel this way, so I feel incredibly lucky that I do.

Part of it is that I don’t have to feel like I’m holding in my belly. That may sound shallow or even greedy (I can eat all the cheese I want!!) but I find that I can embrace my belly rather than hide it under baggy tops. It’s supposed to be big and no one really cares. There is of course the unsolicitated comments that come with pregnancy (“are you having twins!?” “You’re only how many weeks? You’re huge!!”) But overall I feel less judged about my weight.


My biggest concern for myself as this pregnancy gets close to ending, is that I’ll lose this love for my body and the confidence I have, just like I did the first time round.

22 weeks


It’s a thought that currently has no plan. But it’s something that I’m far more aware of this time round. For one thing a happy and positive parent can help create happy and positive children.

I’m already getting help from Secret Saviours a product  which can actually prevent stretch marks!

Secret Saviours kit

I already had stretch marks from my previous pregnancy and weight gains, but despite only using the Secret Saviours band and creams for a few short weeks, I haven’t developed many new stretch marks.

Now don’t get me wrong, let’s embrace the tiger stripes, our badge of Warrior, but it’s not always easy or wanted to ignore them. Sometimes we feel better about ourselves if we can prevent the obvious battle wounds.

Wearing the Secret Saviours bump band

As well as the specially formulated creams (day and night) you also get a belly band. This helps the cream really sink into your skin, but also provides an excellent extra support, especially helpful for those of us with large bumps or painful hips. The band has really provided a lot of support for myself lately, and I’ll be continuing to use it to aid recovery post birth too.
I’m going to concentrate on what an amazing thing my body has/is doing. Possibly clichéd, but seriously! I am growing a person. The second person it has grown. An actual human being. With a heart and brain and toes and arms…seriously!? It’s mind blowing stuff when you start to really think about it. Who cares if you’re flabbier than before when you have grown a person!
Secret Saviours just helps me with this, and feeling more confident in my own skin.

36 weeks – growing a person!!

As well as trying to keep thoughts about what my body is capable of positive, I’m aware that there are other factors that may need to help in keeping this positive attitude.

Finding items in my wardrobe that will accentuate the parts of me that I like more, but not simply hiding under baggy tops. I mean winter is going to come with comfy hoodies, but as long as I’m embracing them for the season and not hiding in them feeling sad and frumpy.
So here is stage one of my body positive plans. Telling you all that I’m going to have a plan!
If anyone has any advice or can offer ideas to support this, or if anyone wants to join in and we can pledge to be happier and more positive together, please let me know!
Mrs H xxx

Disclosure – I’ve been sent a Secret Saviours kit to review, all thoughts and opinions (and pledges to be body positive!) are honest and my own 

13 comments on “Body Positivity – #RockTheBump”

  1. I think you are gorgeous, pregnant and not pregnant! I hope your body positivity stays after you’ve had the baby. Oh and that stretch mark cream – I could have done with that in my first pregnancy, I got stretch marks everywhere!!

  2. I think you’re beautiful! I know what it’s like to feel like a big, fat chub. I’ll help you feel better once you’ve popped it out. I’ll remind you how lush you are, tiger stripes/bulges n all. XXXX

  3. Sarah I am exactly the same. The only time I wasn’t paranoid about my figure was when I was pregnant. I fully embraced it with tight fitting clothes and I loved it, I even took it as a compliment when people told me I looked huge haha!

  4. I feel so confident in pregnancy. I didn’t really notice it first time round because I was so poorly with HG but this time I have a glow and real confidence in my own skin. I hope this stays with me afterwards although I am sure it won’t but I do intend to try my best to keep positive. I think you look fab honey :) xxx

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