It’s a given that being a parent is tiring. Night feeds and frequent wakings are pretty much a guarantee. A love of strong coffee is recommended.

Unfortunately I don’t like tea or coffee. I really wish I did. I get my caffeine through soft drinks and energy drinks. Not ideal but you do what you’ve got to do sometimes.

Everyone knows, and happily warns you, that once you have kids you won’t sleep much. It’s a given. Newborns aren’t programmed to sleep through. Nor does this necessarily improve as they get older.

But I’m not talking about tiredness. Not strictly.

Being a parent is exhausting. They just don’t stop. Ever. There is a constant need to talk. To touch you. To repeat the same thing over and over. And over. To do the same thing over and over. There’s songs to sing, toys to fix, food to eat…and not eat. There’s naps to fight over, and tantrums to field. I found the lack of naps often causes a rise in tantrums. It’s the only cause and effort graph I feel pretty certain of.

It’s really no surprise that many parents are wandering around in a fog. It’s not baby brain. It’s having watched that Disney film 4 times since breakfast and it’s only 10.30am. And breakfast was launched at the wall and may or may not still be drying there.

Then add the sleepless nights on top of that, and most likely several caffeine highs and comedowns and it’s a recipe for, well, for a parent.

I’m not saying that these things outweigh everything else. I’m not saying it’s not worth it. It is 100% worth it. I am absolutely grateful for my beautiful children. I absolutely love being a mum and watching my children grow and learn new things. But that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. That I don’t get touched out. That I don’t get fed up sometimes. That I don’t crave a trip to the toilet all by myself. Or that I don’t wait for bedtimes some days. And then the guilt will grip me. And that’s pretty tiring too. Catch 22.

I knew the sleepless nights were coming. I knew I’d be tired. I just didn’t realise it would be so mentally tiring too!

Some days, the fog is just thicker than others.

Mrs H xxx


11 comments on “Some Days the Fog is Thicker Than Others”

  1. Oh yes those days and nights . They are long . Tiring and long. When we talk about it we always make sure to know that everyone else knows we know it’s worth it ; of course we do,it goes without saying but that doesn’t make it any less hard. Sending you hugs ,coffee and chocolate. Somehow we just get used to it ….xxx PS mammy guilt is an awful burden too eh x

  2. lol it gets easier. I remember feeling like this. My boy is now four and at school in the week. This makes life a lot easier. Only trouble is now he seems to eat like the clappers and talk realllllyyy loudly.

  3. Yeah, when my boys were small I couldn’t wait for bedtime most days. I was always exhausted and a lot of times I fell asleep before they did. When they were small, in order to get them to sleep in their own room, I would have to lay down next to them until they fell asleep. Problem with that was, I almost always woke up the next morning still in their bed. One of the perks of having older kids is now I can sleep in my own bed:) I still don’t sleep the best but I sleep better than I used to. xx

  4. I struggle with tiredness – luckily my daughter is older and so sleeps at night but between my v stressful full time job, blogging, running the house, being a wife and a mother and sorting everythinh out I’m forever exhausted!

  5. I totally agree I was spoilt with number 1, he slept like a dream which made his manic daytime behaviour and activities bearable. Number two is very chilled but currently wakes constantly – Yes I am surrounded by a fog constantly, I even left my car window open, doors unlocked and boot wide open on my drive for several hours last week….Ooops!

  6. You have described motherhood (and I guess fatherhood) perfectly. There is no rest, no break from it. There are always decisions to be made, battles to win (or more often lose) the same game, the same book! It’s hard work and the rewards can be small. A smile, a hug, laughter or a sleeping child.

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