Tonight’s “Phobia”

Tonight’s phobia, or rather a fear, is that B will not let me out him down to sleep.

I’ve been in his room for over an hour now and he’s fine until I put him down.

Spent all day holding him to sleep too.

It may be a long night.

Wish me luck!

Mrs H xxx

(Ps. You can’t even tell that I had nothing prepared, and had to whip this up asap because I really want to complete Blogtober, can you?!
Slightly better quality posts will resume from tomorrow…I hope. Depends on if B is feeling it to be honest!!) 


Books and My Babies

When it comes to reading books to my babies I’ve been seriously slacking in recent months. 

It’s really hard to keep reading bedtimes stories when you’re physically juggling one of them, when they have different bedtimes and, frankly, when you’re so tired you’re just desperate for them to go to sleep. 

It saddens me that I rarely read B a book before bed, and that when I do read to G it’s often just one book and one we’ve read so many times before. 

We need a refresh and a decent burst of inspiration, and I’m willing to bet we’re not the only ones!

Here are few (bloody good!) blog posts full of new book ideas and ways to get you (and the kids) excited to read together again.

We’ve hit a bit of a stalemate when it comes to what books we’re reading. This list of feminist books to read to your toddler, from Hi Baby, is perfect. All of these titles are going on the boys’ Christmas lists. 

This absolutely darling idea of creating a seasonal shelf  is a great idea for a daily visual prompt that doesn’t rely on bedtimes for stories. Just choose from the shelf through the day and tie in with craft activities or seasonal walks. Hello Beautiful Bear has the best ideas!

In my experience kids love all things poop related! We have one book from this series (the world book day special) but haven’t got round to reading the rest. I know G would find all of these Dinosaur Who Pooped books hilarious. I think it’s safe to say Kerry Louise Norris and Eva did too! 

G has recently started at a Welsh medium school, so Cardiff Mummy Says sharing this list of 20 Welsh language books is really useful for both of us. I need all the practise I can get!

Mrs H xxx


“Having A Night Film”

The first week of school went like an absolute dream. 

G flew in without a glance back. I was left fighting back the tears but he loved it.

But by week two it all changed. The realisation that this was a weekly event and the fear of missing out on what was happening at home (a nap, a Tesco shop and a bit of blogging…woop woop!!) 

So “incentives” were brought in. Aka I started bribery. All the bribery. Time on my phone, sweets (at the school gate…mother of the year award coming my way!) and the chance to choose a “special treat” for the first day he wasn’t in school. There were lots of options, days out, favourite foods etc. 

But I’d recently won a hamper of “film night” stuff from Three Network at Blog On. It contained a blanket, phone projector, popcorn maker, popcorn boxes and loads of other stuff to make the perfect film night. And that was G’s choice. And to watch the Grinch. 

We put B to bed as soon as possible so that G got to have time by himself. He loved it, and so did we, because we got to spend some quality one on one time with him. I didn’t realise just how little quality solo time we’ve had with him lately. 

Now when we mention choosing an activity for the week, having a “night film”, as G calls it, is top of his list.

And I’m definitely not complaining!

How do you make one on one time for your kids?

Mrs H xxx


5 Things Guarenteed to Cheer Me Up

After a particularly trying day we all have those things that we turn to that will help cheer us up.

Food or alcohol? Your favourite pjs? Whatever it may be, I’m sure we all have things that help.

Today, I give you my favourite 5 cheer me up’ers (totally a real word yes?):

A blanket or jumper – the best thing about the cooler weather is finally being able to cuddle up with a sofa throw without sweating to death. 
Blankets and hoodies or sweaters provide the perfect hug of an evening. 
Even better if you have a “mama merch” jumper that has a kick ass inspirational slogan emblazoned on it, an extra little confidence boost.

Comfort food – there is a very simple explanation as to why I’m not (nor ever likely to be) a size 12. I love food. I guess you could say I’m an emotional eater, and never more than during the colder months. Who can say a bowl of cheesy mash doesn’t cheer them up? (Possibly vegan carb avoiders, but you know, I’m generalising).

Binge watching TV – it depends on the mood I’m in as to what it is, but the urge to binge will always be there. I am a self confessed tv addict so I can find something always. 

If I’m emotional and in need of a cathartic release Grey’s Anatomy is a great one. If I need a reminder that things could be worse it’s Criminal Minds. If it’s something that doesn’t need too much concentration or effort it’s Teen Mom (OG, 2 or UK – love them all). 

Music hopping – I don’t know how else to explain this. But it’s basically searching through the Apple Store and playing the samples of songs. It’s a favourite “game” of mine and my husbands. 

“Remember this?!” “Oh! This is a good one!!” Exclaimed as we play 90’s childhood favourites, songs from our early dating years, and throwbacks that our parents played us. 

It’s wasteful of time, completely indulgent but always leaves me feeling really good.

Candles or wax melts – again, the autumn scents are so much better this time of the year, but a cinnamon scent wafting through the house as I sit snuggled in my blanket makes everything even cosier. 

A lit candle adds wonderfully to the atmosphere, flames gently flickering (just make sure you remember to put them out before bed!!) but a warmer with a few wax melts can be just as lovely. 

What are your go to things to cheer yourself up after a long day?

Mrs H xxx