Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy – Blue Iron Supplement


Low iron levels were a bit of a problem for me during my first pregnancy. I was already taking a small dose of iron tablets throughout the last few months of the pregnancy, but during my emergency c-section I lost a lot of blood, so a higher dose was needed to get my ron levels back up.

Anyone who has ever needed to take an iron supplement will know that there is one major side affect, the pleasant experience that is constipation. I know, lush isn’t it!?

But I took it, drunk gallons of orange juice whilst I did, and soon I was able to ditch them and carry on as normal.

Roll on second pregnancy and my iron levels plummeted again. They’re not pleasant but they do their job, just hand over the box and I’ll start popping them again. No problem. Except this time there was. I’d managed to develop a second side affect to them. They were making me really ill and quite sick. It took a little while to figure out why I was getting so sick, it would subside and I’d be fine again after a day or so but then would start again. 

We eventually worked out it was the iron tablets. Whilst I was being sick I stopped taking them, as most food and liquids weren’t staying down, taking tablets wasn’t even on my mind. But once the sickness was over I’d go back to taking them and the sickness would start again.

It was starting to worry me a little. I needed the tablets to help me and help grow my baby, but they were making me so ill too!

I remembered a brief conversation I’d had with a lovely lady at BML16. BlueIron were there to tell us all about their liquid iron supplement. Reported a tasty way to take iron supplements that was easy on the stomach. Mainly meaning that you wouldn’t have to suffer from the main side affect, constipation. I got in touch with them, they kindly sent some bottles for me to try.

They have been an absolute life saver!

I have to be honest and say the claim for ‘great tasting’ is a bit of a stretch. It does indeed have a lovely blueberry flavour, but it does come with a metallic aftertaste that makes sure you know you’ve taken it. Not entirely pleasant, but a pretty minor point for an overall great product.

It’s been a vital part of my pregnancy and post part diet, that otherwise hasn’t been the healthiest. The gentle way the iron is absorbed means that it didn’t make me sick at all, I’ve had no sickness or nausea caused by it at all since I started taking it. There’s also no need to drink gallons of orange juice to help it absorb either.

And perhaps the best thing about it? It really doesn’t cause any constipation at all!

Low iron can be such a crap thing to suffer from, so many people are unknowingly suffering from extreme tiredness and low moods simply from a low iron count. Just generally this would be helpful, but post partum it could be a real mood saver! And with all those pesky hormones really doing a number on us, I’ll take any help I can get!

As far as I know you can’t get this as easily on prescription unless you are really suffering from the effects of tablets, but not many doctors will easily prescribe it. However it is easy to order online, and seriously worth the price. I’ll continue to buy and take this in the future.

Mrs H xxx

*disclaimer – I was sent a trial pack of Blue Iron Liquid Supplement to review, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own


Do You Date?

“Date nights” seem to be a fashionable thing in recent years. Or at least the term is. I’m fairly certain couples we’re going out and doing things together 20-30 years ago, not sat in being miserable until someone coined the term date night and then thought “aye alright then let’s go out!”. 

But nowadays it seems more important than ever to make sure you have these lunches, trips out or even quiet takeaway nights in together. Make time for each other. 

Lives are so much busier than they ever were. Both sides of a relationship are working, and usually long hours, whilst juggling housework, friendships, children, hobbies. The list goes on! 

It’s harder since we’ve had children, but Mr H and I have been having date nights for years. His job has always been “unsociable hours” and unpredictable. Some weeks he may be home, some he’ll work evenings and some weeks (especially October-January) he can be working days and evenings, week on week. So we make time now and then to go and do something together, whether it’s go for food or to the cinema or theatre. 

This past year especially, a lot of “dates” have been a takeaway and a catch up with the Sky planner. Not exactly glamorous, but it’s quality time together. And more often than not it turns into a mammoth conversation and catch up with what’s happening for each other, or a “song-off” where we reminisce about our favourite 80’s or 90’s or cheesy R n B throw backs. I highly recommend this, just search something random in the music store app and it’ll snowball. “Remember this?! Oh not this, this was awful!! *cringe*” It’s guaranteed to give us the giggles. 

Elaborate trips or cheap and cheerful evenings at home, making time to just be a couple is really important, and important for yourself as an individual too.

Do you date? What kind of dates are your favourite?

Mrs H xxx


Babies…Or Not Anymore!

Just a short post today. It may only be day two but I failed to prepare so am throwing this together last minute. 

I did say that there may be some short, photo based posts ;) 

So today’s Blogtober prompt title is Babies. And by the end of this month I won’t have a baby any more. Ok, so they will always ALWAYS be my babies, but I mean chronologically B will not be a baby. 

To be fair he hasn’t been a baby for a long time now. He’s been on the move longer than he was stationery. He’s never been that small, but he’s super tall and already measuring up to other children at playgroup. He’s learning so much every single day. 

But these photos from today’s supermarket trip really made me stop in my tracks. G is looking more grown up all the time, there’s barely a trace of the toddler he was. No chubby wrists or fluffy hair. He’s a little boy now. And B is looking more like a toddler than the baby. His face is thinning and less squishy, his features more child than baby.


It’s bittersweet. Of course I couldn’t be happier, watching them both learn and grow, watching them develop into the strong personalities they have. But when they’re drifting off to sleep in my arms I soak up all the baby-like cwtches I can. Before they really aren’t happy to be my “babies” anymore. 

Mrs H xxx


“All About Me” Being A Rubbish Blogger!

It’s October today. October! 

At the risk of sounding like a huge cliche, where on earth did September go? Or the last year for that matter!

This time last year I joined in with my first Blogtober. And I’m pretty proud to say I completed it even though B was born during October. But I can’t say that I’ve kept up with blogging very well. In fact, lately I’ve been downright rubbish. I haven’t published anything in over two months. That’s not to say I haven’t written anything, or needed to write anything. 

I just haven’t been brave enough to post anything. I can’t really say why. Nothing I’m writing is particularly groundbreaking or controversial, and I may never win any awards for writing but I don’t think my writing is TOO bad? But I can’t stop second guessing my self, my writing, my sharing and just if it’s any good at all. 

Even this post is a struggle to write. I’m going over stuff, rewriting, rethinking each paragraph. I just can’t figure out why! There hasn’t been any negative comments. So why don’t I feel like any of it is good enough?

I suppose the last few months have been hard, mentally. I have a post in drafts which explains more about it (which I do plan on publishing!) so I won’t go into it now, but I think this could have had a knock on effect, making me doubt if I’m good enough to even blog. 

I’m hoping this Blogtober will give me a new energy and confidence. I really got a lot out of joining in last year, but having a newborn it just wasn’t possible to keep up any sort of routine or frequency. Or any sort of actual thought process to be fair!!

At least this time it’s more likely that it’ll give me a nudge to start posting at least every week, if not more. And I’m going to try not to second guess everything too much, and get into the habit of just publishing again. I don’t exactly want to “just publish” any old crap, but I’m not sharing anything at all so I feel like coming up with something for each daily Blogtober prompt is going to help get back into it.

I’m going to use the daily titles as prompts, and that may include stories of general life and parenting, reviews of products I’ve received recently and maybe sometimes just little snapshots. I may just juggle the order a little too but I’ll see how well I can stick to it for now. 

So, enough of my rambling! Let’s crack on with a fun and busy month!

Mrs H xxx


School Is Looming (and I Can’t Stop Freaking Out!)

Ever since we moved into this house the subject of schools has been niggling at the back of my mind. I was about 8 weeks pregnant when we moved in, and we are extremely close to one of the local primary schools, with another 3 less than a mile away. Brilliant right? But now the start of school is looming and I can’t stop freaking out.

I tried not to think about it too much (just fyi – I failed miserably) because who knew if we’d even be living in the same house by the time we were sending G to school. Or in the same area? I don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to staying put, previous house moves are numbered into the teens. And although we’re not a million miles away from either of our families, the idea that we’d move back to one of our ‘home’ areas was always there.

There’s all sorts of decisions you don’t really see coming as a parent. I mean, you know they’re going to have to happen eventually, but they’re aaaaaaages away right? But I’ve found choosing a school has been the biggest so far, and has caused me so much more stress than I ever thought possible!

It just feels like such a huge decision that will affect our children’s lives. Over dramatic? Quite possibly! But I just can’t shake off the pressure of this one. Especially as once you choose the ‘right’ school for your eldest, you’re more than likely choosing the school for any other children you may have. Well, I hope so, the thought of doing school runs to two different schools is more than I can handle right now!

All these negative doubts are constantly running through my mind.

What if they don’t teach in a way that’s suits them? What if they don’t offer enough opportunities to experience subjects other than academic ones? What if the academic options are not up to scratch? And the biggest one we’ve been going over? Which language do we choose!? Living in Wales we have the option to choose a Welsh medium school or an English medium school. The way things are going in Wales, being a Welsh speaker could be a huge advantage in the future. But what if it’s a hindrance for learning? I speak a very limited amount of Welsh, I read it easier than I seek it, but no one else in our immediate family is a Welsh speaker, so are we putting the children at a disadvantage by choosing for their education to be taught in Welsh?

There must be a million and one positive points to think about when choosing a school, yet I just cannot shake off all these negative ones.

G is due to start nursery this September. We’ve chosen a school, and he’s been accepted, but I’m still not 100% happy. I don’t think its necessarily the school (all reports are excellent, I’m yet to hear anything negative) and I just can’t stop worrying if it’s the right choice.

Did anyone else struggle choosing which school to send their littles to? Does anyone have any tips? Or just slap me out of it haha?!


Mrs H xxx