Weekly Wishes 7th July 2014


I know I’ve been missing (again!) I was never the most regular poster before, and then I went and had a baby. Definite lack of commitment for the blog! But I want to be better, so as a start I’m joining in with the weekly wishes link ups, and hopefully this will help me be more pro active with this blog and in life! So here are my Weekly Wishes for this coming week, it’s a big list, so maybe a little high on expectations, but I feel like I need to aim big! Let’s see what I can get done! Let me know what your plans and wishes are for this week and we can encourage each other!


  • Plan future blog post ideas
  • Start a planner, include blog posts, personal appointments, menu plans etc
  • Write blog posts!
  • Take G’s 2 month photos – buy tissues for my crying
  • Fill out tax and dvla forms
  • Swap winter and summer wardrobes and put case back in the attic
  • Start writing packing lists for our holidays
  • Take G for 8 week jabs – more tissues for me
  • Book hair colour and cut – urgent!
  • Book dentist – more urgent!! Pain is not good!
  • Send thank you letters
  • Get phone upgraded


Yup it’s huge! But most are trivial little things or the start of things, I need a good kick up the backside!

Wish me luck!

Mrs H xxx


 The Nectar Collective



What’s In a Name?

Most pregnant women I know have a nickname for their bump/baby. And they’re generally self explanatory. “Bump”, “Bean”, “Peanut” etc.
We also have a nickname for our little man, although it’s not quite so usual, and has sparked a lot of conversation amongst most of the family, and I’m sure there’s more out there wondering, who haven’t asked yet (and possibly wondering about our sanity!). So let’s take five to explain Baby Herniman’s nickname….Stormageddon, aka Stormy.

Fellow Whovians out there need no explanations, and those who know our Doctor Who obsession are simply rolling their eyes at us…we don’t mind, we’re used to it now!

During the Matt Smith era there was an episode where he went to visit his friend Craig Owens, played by James Corden, who has recently had a baby. During the Doctor’s “conversation” with baby Alfie (because of course the Doctor speaks baby!) he says that he likes the name Alfie, but prefers to be called “Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All”.

And quite simply, that’s it! There’s a baby in Doctor Who, and we’ve nicked his nickname!

The funny thing is, everyone is quite liking Storm as a name! Perfectly “normal” top 10 names have been suggested, and rejected by other members of the family, but Storm has been accepted! I don’t think we’re quite brave enough to use something so “out there” as Storm, although it may not be a top 10 name, but I think “Stormy” is definitely a nickname that will stick.

Mrs H xxx


Where Did January Go?!

Seriously what happened to the entire month! One minute I’m making New Years resolutions, and the next we’re on a countdown to valentines day!
Ok so maybe the New Years resolutions weren’t a big success in January. Not so organised and not much blogging! But I did manage to post for every tag on the www.fatmumslim.com.au challenge…even if they weren’t on the right days! If you do follow me on Instagram I promise to try harder in February to post daily and not clog up your feeds like yesterday!

So January, what happened? Well I turned 25, Mr H’s little brother turned 14, and I feel a lot older than I should!
I first met Mr H’s youngest brother when he was 5, and I’ve helped out with birthday parties that have had games, and cake and piñatas. This year we weren’t even allowed to stay for long, and all the guests turned up looking like they were going clubbing! The days of party games have long gone for this one.
Luckily we’ve started on the next generation that I can inflict my party planning, themes and fancy dress on! Lucky kids!

My 25th was an appropriately grown up day…breakfast, bowling and more food! Even if I did need some assistance bowling, the ramp was used on a few occasions, and Mr H had to help lift the heavier balls onto the ramp! I still didn’t win though!
Breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s with Mr H, pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so good! And Mr H arranged for the staff to bring out a little brownie with a candle in and they all sang happy birthday….I am an attention seeker and loved it!
After breakfast and bowling it was off to see my family, before we went out for a meal later in the evening with my parents.
It was a good last birthday before my next one as a mum! And I was well and truly spoilt!

There wasn’t a lot of crafting or cooking done in January, though my recipe for welsh Cawl (lamb stew) and dumplings was requested so that will be going up a little later.
I’m currently writing up my list for craft projects for Baby H that will be worked on over the next few months and posting the results/tutorials once I’ve finished them. We have got the most fantastic bright coloured polka dot fabric for curtains and accessories for his room which should make some great projects.

Well that’s enough waffling on for now! I’ll be back soon…promise!

Mrs H xxx

Why 2014 is going to be amazing


There was a very brief introduction in my welcome post, but it’s time that the newest member of the Herniman clan has a proper introduction, especially as we now know a little more about him!

At 20 weeks and 5 days we know that Baby H is actually Baby Boy H, and he’s due to arrive in May this year. A real challenge to my be more organised resolution!

We don’t have any names that we love or agree on, but Baby H seems happy enough about this, somersaulting away and giving me little jabs now and then. They’re not strong enough to feel from the outside yet, but I think a few more weeks and Mr H will be able to feel them too.

As far as pregnancy goes I have been very lucky! A mild case of nausea and occasional sickness in the first few months seems to have passed after about 17 weeks.
The exhaustion also is lifting, moving house during the first trimester was not the best idea, poor Mr H practically moved by himself bar a box or maybe two! I am feeling more energy now, and less tiredness and napping during the day.
Generally I feel great though! I never thought I would feel the most confident about myself and my body when it’s going through these huge changes. I hope it lasts past birth, it’s such a relief to stop worrying about my shape, size and weight. Obviously post birth I’ll be thinking about shaping up etc, but I hope it’s because I want to be healthy for my family and not because I’m worried about what people think of my size.

Talking of size, at the halfway stage Baby H is around 7 inches long, and weighs about 11oz. It’s crazy to think that this tiny little thing is going to be arriving in the world in less than 20 weeks, hopefully weighing a lot more (but not too big!) and screaming his way into our lives. I have never been so excited about something so life changing and scary. And I couldn’t wish for anyone better to share it with than Mr H.

So I think 2014 is going to be the best ever, whether I stick to my resolutions or not. Because 2014 is going to bring the biggest, most exciting change ever. Our beautiful baby boy!

Mrs H xxx



New Years Resolutions – continued

Continuing on from yesterday’s resolutions post, which was written as fast as possible to make sure it was actually posted on the right date…check be more organised! Like I said, I think resolutions should be a working thing, something you can work on and add to throughout the year. Here are a few more of mine that I’m kicking off 2014 with.

3. Be more selfish – stop pandering to others in work and focus on what is best for me and my family. I burned myself out too many times last year doing what is “right” for everyone else. This year it’s about us.

4. Don’t stop writing To Do lists but actually start doing them! – I guess this is apart of ‘Be more organised’, but I am queen of to do lists, I write lists about lists, shopping lists, places to go lists, cleaning lists, etc etc… But actually completing them is usually a different matter. It’s why I haven’t got around to selling my crafts at a fete or fayre for the past two years, despite working out all my plans. If it’s going to happen this year I’m going to have get myself into gear!

5. Complete the FatMumSlim photo-a-day challenge – ok so it’s not life changing, but it’s something I want to do! For those of you on Instagram, especially if you follow me, you may be aware of the FatMumSlim blog and her photo prompts. They encourage you to post something everyday, and I always start the month by posting the prompt list and saying something like “I’m going to do it this time” and then get 3 days in and forget or get lazy. So this year I’m going to make more of an effort with it. Because it’s fun!

January’s prompt list:


6. Blog more! – write stuff down on lunch breaks, car journeys, quite times at home, whatever or wherever just write more! I love writing and sharing, but I get so bad at doing. If I can’t blog I definitely won’t ever get started on that book I want to write! So little at a time, lets start here, with weekly posts, or at the very least bi-weekly. Something tells me this year will get busier (more on that later) but here would be a great way to record the Herniman milestones…but only if I remember to post!

Well that’s enough on resolutions for now. I better get started!

Mrs H xxx