Weekly Wishes 28th July 2014

The Nectar Collective

It’s been a lovely week; I love the summer sunshine! It seems to have been a few years since we’ve had a proper summer in the UK, with sunshine and warmth that lasts more than a week or two. There’s been a few firsts for little G this week too.

Me and G went for a walk around Roath Park Lake with my Mum, including a chippy tea and ice cream from the ice cream van. It was a beautiful evening, despite the scary geese! Slightly irrational, but they’re not the friendliest and they always seem to come after me!

Friday, I got the chance to go and watch the show Mr H was working on all week. I know I’m biased, but he is so good at what he does, and I love that I get a chance to watch. Lighting designer is not a common job.

Saturday we got to squeeze in a family afternoon in our garden, before Mr H had to go to work for the evening. We spent the afternoon enjoying the fresh summer air (under the protection of our gazebo) and in our pool. G even had his first dip in the pool it was so warm. Nap time out in the fresh air seemed to last longer too.

Saturday evening I finally managed to complete one of my wishes from a few weeks ago! Swapping over the winter and summer wardrobes, and putting them away. The upstairs of our house finally looks a lot clearer; the war on clothes is being won!

Yesterday we took G on his first mini road trip. Ok it was only a two hour drive, but it’s longer than he’s ever had to travel before, and it’s the same journey we’ll be taking in September for our first family holiday. Mr H’s parents have been camping in West Wales over the weekend, so we drove down and spent some time with them. It’s such a beautiful part of the world, and extra beautiful in this glorious sunshine. G got to wiggle his toes in the sand for the first time too.

And today is the biggest ‘first’ for G. All of the daytime naps were in his cot! We are literally squeezing in as much time in his Moses basket as we can, as we’re going camping next week and a full sized travel cot is too big for now. Despite my frantic ebaying, I haven’t managed to find a smaller travel cot. Don’t suppose I have enough traffic on this blog to start reviewing products yet! They say babies should stay in their Moses baskets for six months, and I know G is a tall baby, but really? Six months? I don’t see how!

Write a decent twitter bio – I’m not sure how ‘decent’ it is, but there’s a bio now, and I’ve actually had a few more followers this week. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but it can’t hurt!

Look for a new blog theme – I didn’t get round to looking during the week, and I wanted to get this post written first, then I’m going to have a quick look at changing it.

Try a new craft or recipe – I’ve started the initial decor I wanted to do for G’s room, and I’ve started knitting for his Christmas jumper. Yes I know I said the ‘C’ word, but if I don’t start now it’ll never get done. Even starting now it might not!

Start reading a book – technically I have. I’ve started reading ‘Not In the Flesh’ by Ruth Rendell. I say technically, but I’ve hardly got past the first page…but at least it’s a start!

This week:

Post more in the week! – the weeks just seem to be going so fast, that I’m forgetting any weekday posts, just catching up on the Monday. Spread it out!

And that’s all I’m going to ‘wish’ for this week. Concentrate on blogging more!

Hope your week has been great too!

Mrs H xxx

Weekly Wishes 21st July 2014



Can someone please tell me what happened to this last week!? Seriously, I seem to have lost an entire week! It seems like last night I was writing out my weekly wishes, and here I am to update what I’ve done and set new ones. No idea how it went so fast!

Well I definitely managed one wish in particular this week, walking! Not too frequenty, but Tuesday we babysat my friends little boy for the day, and we walked to the park, around the town and home again. About four hours in total! How the poor little guy still had his legs attatched by the end I’ll never know, but he insisted he wanted to walk.


Ok so lets see how this week went.

Swap the summer and winter wardrobes – I’m quite ashamed to admit I still haven’t got this done! It desperately needs doing, but also is quite a big task, and I just don’t seem to be getting to it.

Get two month photos taken  done! it will probably take me forever to sort out editing them, but they’re taken and I’m happy, even if I didn’t manage to coax a smile out of G.

Book hair appointment it’s booked, it’s still two weeks away, but at least I’ve booked it!

Send thank you letters posted!

Order Filofax refill – I haven’t, but only because I spotted some really cute free printable planners on Pinterest, so I just need to buy an A5 file instead, much prettier too!

Finish holiday packing lists I’m not promising that I won’t rewrite them several times, and colour code them, and change my mind, but for now they’re written. Love me some lists!

Go for more walks two long walks complete! And I really enjoyed them too.


This week I’m going to make some new wishes, and not keep repeating the ones that I haven’t done.


Write a decent twitter bio – it’s really basic, but I’ve just realised that I don’t have one…and I keep trying but it’s sounding really naff. Need to sort this.


Look for a new blog theme – I like this one, but think I could do with a freshen up.


Try a new craft or recipe – I’m getting back into the kitchen a bit more since G arrived, but I’ve barely looked at my craft corner.


Start reading a book – another thing I’ve been missing since G, it’s not his fault bless him, but I’ve been relying on mindless crappy tv for my entertainment, think it’s ready to start engaging my brain a little more.


And that’s all I’m going for this week. Small and simple, anything else I can squeeze into this week will just be a bonus.


Have a great week!

Mrs H xxx 




Weekly Wishes 14th July 2014

It was a bit of a rough week for G this week. It all kicked off with a tummy bug at the start of the week, his first illness. Not exactly one for the “baby’s firsts”‘calendar, poor little thing. And then because that wasn’t enough fun, Wednesday was his 8 week check and jabs. So as the bug started to wear off he then got hit with that.
So anyway that’s my excuse for not getting everything done, although I think I made more of a dent in the list than I thought I would by midweek.

Plan future blog posts – I’ve written down a few ideas, and keep a list handy to add to when I think of more

Start a planner – well I did and I didn’t. I found an old Filofax that I wanted to use, I thought it would be easy to change the dates and recycle the old diary inside, to save buying a new refill. Turns out it just makes it look messy, and sharpies bleed through the pages. So I’m using it temporarily, until I get a new refill and some coloured pencils to brighten it up.

Write blog posts – yes! I want to get more written up in advance, incase of busy times, but I have written and posted this week, and I’m happy with that.

Take G’s two month photos – they’ll be done this week, probably Wednesday, as he wasn’t really well enough this weekend, and the lighting today has been dreadful.

Fill out tax and dvla forms – they are filled in! Need to post them though…..

Swap winter and summer wardrobe – major fail, I didn’t even start it. Really need to get it done this week, there are too many clothes cluttering up our bedroom and spare room!

Start writing packing lists for our holidays – I’ve started! Mainly on our camping trip list, now to get that one and our Staycation list finished.

Take G for 8 week jabs – done. He took them really well, the aftermath was not so fun.

Book hair colour and cut – it was urgent. It’s still urgent.

Book dentist – the pain was not good, one wisdom tooth removed and I’m all good! Yay!

Send thank you letters – nope. I’ll add it to this weeks list.

Get phone upgraded – no, currently not very happy with my service provider so I’m looking at maybe changing rather than upgrading. Something I need to look into.

So all in all I don’t think I did too bad, considering I set a pretty big list and there were some unexpected distractions.

This weeks wishes:

Swap the summer and winter wardrobes – Clothes are taking over the house, this needs to be done!

Get two month photos taken

Book hair appointment – still urgent!

Send thank you letters

Order Filofax refill

Finish holiday packing lists – look at dates to go camping too

Go for more walks – I’ve started watching what I eat a little more, now I’m going to add some more exercise to the days too

Hope you have a great week!

Mrs H xxx

The Nectar Collective


Roasted Red Pepper and Sweetcorn Frittata

This was ridiculously easy, and you can change the ingredients to fit with whatever you have in the kitchen or to use up leftovers. As long as you’ve got eggs you’ve got frittata!
The following recipe is what I made for lunch today, it was yummy! But like I said change the ingredients to your own tastes.

1 roasted red pepper (I used one from a jar)
1 cup frozen sweetcorn
1 large potato
3 eggs

First I “baked” the potato in the microwave, it’s cheating but I just needed it cooked through.

Dice the cooked potato into small cubes.

In a medium sized, deep frying pan, fry the potato cubes until starting to turn golden and crispy. For added flavour I used garlic oil.

Season potatoes with salt, pepper, and a large pinch of smoked paprika

Chop the pepper into similar sized pieces as the potato.

Add the pepper and sweetcorn to the pan and cook for a minute or two, until the sweetcorn starts to defrost.

Beat the eggs well, and pour directly into the pan, try to cover all the ingredients and gently pat down any that are not sitting in the egg.

Cook for a few minutes on a medium heat, until the edges on the top start to set.

Put the pan under a medium hot grill until all of the egg has set and cooked through.

Sprinkle as much diced mozzarella as you like on the top and return to the grill until melted and bubbling.

Enjoy! This is good hot, served with a cool, fresh salad or left to cool it’s great picnic food or as an alternative packed lunch to the same old soggy sandwiches.

Cheer up your lunch breaks with a tasty frittata!

Mrs H xxx20140707-231530-83730108.jpg


Meatless Monday


We noticed we were eating a lot of meat, and not a lot of fruit and veg. Every meal was based around the meat, and vegetable side dishes were left out frequently. So we’re joining in with meatless Monday’s and beyond! We’re trying to be meat free for Monday and at least one other day in the week, and also upping the importance of veg with our meals. And our snacks are becoming more fruit based, fresh or made into something tasty.

So every Monday I’ll be sharing the menu for the day, and include recipes too.

Are you thinking about joining in, or are you a veteran of Meatless Monday?

Mrs H xxx