Writers Block Sucks

I’ve been suffering from ridiculous writers block. Nothing seems to be good enough or exciting enough for public reading. But after a chat with the #welshbloggers on twitter, who knows who’s reading this or what you may find interesting. How would you or I know unless I wrote it, whatever it may be. And what’s the worst that could happen? You’d stop reading and I’d be talking (writing) to myself, it’s hardly life ending. I’m usually found waffling to myself anyway :D

So here I am. Waffling, whinging, and moaning about writers block, hoping that it might clear my writers block!

Do you have any tips for curing writers block, or anything you can suggest as a topic? Please let me know!

Mrs H xxx

Weekly Wishes 15th December 2015

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There’s just one wish for the Herniman House….for illness to go away!! All three of us have made our way through a really crappy cold for the last couple of weeks. It’s been particularly bad for Mr H who’s had so much work in the run up to Christmas. Me and Baby H have been able to stay indoors feeling sorry for ourselves. And if the cold wasn’t bad enough, poor Baby H has had his second tooth arrive, so teething on top means he’s developed a rash right around his mouth and chin. Poor little guy, he has me trying to plaster cream on him day and night.

So we’re feeling pretty sorry for ourselves, and the energy levels are rock bottom. It’s taken so long for me to finish this post, because I haven’t had the energy to keep writing! Fingers crossed we’re on the last of it now. There’s so much to do before Christmas that I haven’t got time for this!

And if I haven’t moaned enough, my migraines are back. I’ve been a sufferer since I was about 7 years old, and had the worst/longest lasting one I’ve ever had when I was nearly 3 months pregnant. But since then I was migraine free! I usually suffer at least one a month, several a week before getting my medication sorted, so just over a year without one was heavenly. And it came to a very sad end this week. Thank goodness I still had medication in the house, because today was the 4th attack this week!

It’s been two weeks since the last wishes post, so I could have done better, but considering how ill we’ve been, it isn’t as bad as it could have been!

Order online presents – yes! I possibly have one more order to place, but it’s not an essential one, so that’s a definite win!

Make a Christmas present – it wasn’t the one I had planned, but I have got one done for Baby H. And I’ve started stocking up on ingredients for the hampers. It’s going to be a big rush getting back on top of everything but at least there is somewhere to start.

Get more media/blog savvy – well I changed the theme of the blog…see the new festive theme J And I did download tweet deck, had a little practise with that, but not nearly enough as I wanted to. No posts scheduled, keep forgetting to schedule tweets, but I did get the guest post finished and mailed off so it’s not all bad.

This week I’m just going to say I want us all to get better (like within the next hour I want a complete cure) and then it’s crazy time getting everything ready for Christmas. I’m not going to make a list because there’s just too much to do!

Wish me luck! Hope your Christmas preparations are going better than ours!

Mrs H xxx

Weekly Wishes 1st December 2014

Happy Christmas month!! Christmas is my most favourite time of year, and the build up has me more excited than some children! Our decorations usually go up on the first of December, but because of Mr H being so busy in work, it looks like it’s going to be the 2nd or 3rd…..I may cry!

There is good news though, I’ve managed to clean up the mantelpiece we bought off of ebay for the very expensive price of 99p!!! It had a lot of dried on masking tape which wouldn’t peel off cleanly, so after a google search (and a check of the cupboards to see what supplies I had) I gave peanut butter and hairspray a go. It only bloody worked! I was pretty sceptical, smear peanut butter, let it sit for a while, scrape off and buff with cloth and hairspray. I am so excited to have a proper mantelpiece to decorate and hang stockings from this year.

This week I did much better with my wishes than last week! Probably because they were a lot easier and more of an extension to the everyday chores, but I’m still pretty pleased that they’re done.

Finish the big clean – Yes! I finally got all of the deep cleaning done just in time for the decs to be going up. And even better than that, I cleaned the mantelpiece too (see above!).

Cook more for the freezer – it’s not full but there’s more in there than there was. Still meal planning and making extra portions too which is good. Also my NomNomKids food pouches have arrived (review coming soon) which are helping loads with getting more homemade grub into my little munchkin!

This week I’m going to backtrack a bit and try to get on with last weeks wishes, mainly because they’re mostly Christmas present related and handmade so I really really need to get a start (and finish hopefully) on a few.

Order the online presents – I’m getting very aware that postage times are going to be getting riskier soon, so I really need to get some ordered.

Make a Christmas present – I’m having a bit of an issue with my sewing machine, but i need to stop procrastinating and get it fixed, and get sewing! There are two main presents to be sewn, and they’re for my godchildren, so they’re pretty important. I’ve also got several hampers to put together, so it would be nice to get some of that started.

Get more media/blog savvy – I’d like to get more posts organised, because I’ve only just found out that you can schedule when they’re posted *embarrassed face*, which would help me be a little bit more regular. I’ve also just heard about tweetdeck (although I can’t find that app, is it still going? Is there a new name? New app??) so it wouldn’t look like I completely disappear every so often. Seem to have volunteered to ‘guest post’ for another blog soon *terrified face* so I need to get that sorted. I was never great at getting, my homework done on time….no comment Dad!!

Have a great week!

Mrs H xxx

The Nectar Collective

Baby Loves: Creamy Spinach and Carrot


This is one of the best unplanned meals I’ve made for Baby H, it was literally “what have I got in the house” and threw everything together. It has turned out to be one of his favourite meals! You might want to half the onion as it does taste quite strong, but Baby H seems to like it.


1 onion, chopped small

2 carrots, diced small

100g frozen spinach

120ml double cream


Sauté the onion in extra virgin olive oil until soft.

Steam the carrots until soft, add the spinach when almost cooked through to defrost and heat through.

Blend everything together with the cream until it is the right consistency. We’re starting to not puree quite so fine, but just blend until it’s right for your little.


I’m loving coming up with new things for Baby H to try, especially when it’s such a big hit!


Mrs H xxx

Weekly Wishes 24th November 2014

One month today is Christmas Eve! I am so excited and so unprepared. How am I unprepared, I started planning so long ago! As usual I’ve been thinking rather than doing, but at least we got a big chunk of Christmas shopping done last week, and I’ve written out nearly all of the Christmas cards, so at least that’s something! But there’s a lot of homemade and handmade things that I really need to get a move on with, and it feels like there is a ton of cleaning and organising left to do.

I’ve not managed to figure out how to balance Baby H and the housework yet. It’s getting there with the help of my checklists, but I’m still learning how. Mr H has been working a lot lately, but there’s a few days this week where he’s only working evenings and I’ll be dragging my lovely parents up, and they can all help keep Baby H entertained whilst I run crazy with the black bags, duster and vacuum! This week is especially important to get the cleaning done as our Christmas decorations go up next week!

This week I also found a new addiction…Costa’s hot spiced apple drink! It is heavenly! I’m not a coffee (or tea) drinker, and rarely drink hot drinks at all, except hot blackcurrant when I’m ill, so it’s unusual of me to like something like this. Mr H is a coffee addict, so a trip to Costa when shopping last week was needed to refuel him. That’s when I made this little discovery. So when I walked Baby H to his health visitor check up today, we took a walk into town after and treated me to another cup! And even better, I ordered a snowman sized cup (medium) and was given a Santa sized cup (large)!! So I had plenty left over to reheat this evening, and I get to use my favourite winter mug from a german Christmas market. It’s boot shaped!

Ok, ok, I’m waffling! Just putting off the inevitable where I have to tell you how well I did with my wishes…it’s not great. Infact it is a great big fail right across the board!

Order online Christmas gifts – nope. Did nearly all of the main shopping, but didn’t manage to do any online!

Make a Christmas present – nope. I bought and sourced supplies, but they’re no good in pieces!

Shorten curtains – I suck. The sewing machine didn’t come out, the curtains didn’t get shortened. I really could do with getting it done before the Christmas tree goes up as its right infront of one of them.

So this week I need a rocket where the sun doesn’t shine to get me moving!

Finish the big clean – I want everything sorted before the decs come down from the attic next weekend.

Cook more for the freezer – Baby H is now up to 3 meals a day, I’m down to 1 plus snacks! More homemade ready meals needed.

I reckon both of those things should be able to be done in rota or at the same time. If I manage to get some of last weeks wishes done in between, that would be great!

Mrs H xxxIMG_0628.JPG