Holiday Wish List – Traveling Outfit, Mum Edition 


After an hour (or 7) “researching” Pinterest for the perfect travel outfit, I discovered that I had pretty much wasted an hour (or 7), because all I’m ever going to wear is comfy jeggings, t shirt, cardi and shoes….but I’ve put in a tiny bit more thought to style and design. But not much!

Jeggings – these are a wonderful invention, that let me be comfy all day long, but still look like I’ve managed to get dressed out of pjs/joggers/holey leggings…yes I do know I’m a secret fashionista! But there is one thing I crave in a jegging to make them truly essential…pockets! Especially since I had baby G, I’m always going to need extra help to carry my phone or tissues etc, and I’m sure that they’ll be even more essential while flying!

Vest top/t-shirt – with all travelling, even just a short road trip, I find layers are best. So a vest top as a base and a larger oversized t-shirt that will be both comfy and (hopefully) stylish. I usually favour black, but due to the glamorous nature of travelling with a baby (mainly snot and dribble) I’m going to see if I can find a nice busy pattern to hide said glamorousness…that and I’ll probably spill my breakfast down it.

Cardigan – again with the layers, a nice cosy but not too thick cardigan will be perfect for travelling in. I’m also planning on baby wearing at some point, so it would be nice of it was long/big enough to go around the baby whilst rushing in from cab to airport, I’m guessing the traditional British weather will be there to wave us off.

Shoes – comfy shoes that are easy to take on and off are always a must for the airport due to security checks, but rather than my usual converse style daps, I’m thinking a slip on shoe is going to be necessity if I do end up wearing the baby through security. It’s going to be a lot easier if I don’t have to get someone to lace my shoes up for me afterwards! I am thinking a nice pattern to cheer the outfit up a bit, asking as it doesn’t clash with the top! 


So I’m not exactly going to win any fashion awards, but there are my travelling outfit must haves.

What do you consider essential travel outfit items?


Mrs H xxx

“What Do You Do All Day?”


 It’s a bit of a cliché that gets asked frequently “What do you do all day?” I was on maternity leave for 10 months, and have been lucky enough to go back to work part time, only two days a week.  And to be honest, I ask myself this question all the time! I never seem to be able to get it all done and I don’t know why!

I struggled for a long time during my maternity leave, with tiredness and lack of energy. And I don’t mean new baby tired, the newborn phase felt great, I wasn’t getting tons of sleep, but it never seemed enough to make me want to do things or go places. But as G got older I seemed to get worse. Turns out an iron deficiency can really screw you over!

With that sorted, I do feel better and have more want to get out and do stuff. But I don’t feel like I am doing anything. Should I be more structured with our activities, should we go to more groups….any groups, do more crafts, music, and sign language!?

These days with blogging, twitter, Pinterest, there are so many examples and ideas to do with our kids, so maybe that’s why I feel I should? But G is so active and clever (yes I’m biased, but he’s awesome!) that I think I should be encouraging him a whole lot more!

So that’s what we’re going to do! Try new things, meet new people, and go to more places. And we need more at home activities! I’m going to try to write a little weekly schedule to make sure that I have an answer to “what did you do all day?”

“What do you do all day?” Do you have a schedule or just go with the flow?


Mrs H xxx

Owning It!

I’ve been blogging now for around 18 months now, and I’m really enjoying it. Some posts are better than others, sometimes I write frequently and sometimes there are large gaps. But overall I love writing and I love sharing with you all.

So I’m taking the next big blogging step and owning it! Its own domain time!

It’s actually really scary as I’m not very technically experienced, so owning, designing and running my own website is nerve racking. But it’s exciting too!

Hopefully within the next week you’ll find me at a slightly different address, with a funky logo and pretty colours.

Cross your fingers (and toes!) for me!

Mrs H xxx

Pea and Broccoli Pancakes

G’s weaning journey started with purees and mush, and has expanded ever since. He still enjoys a mushy meal, cottage pie/spag bol etc, just with a few more lumps than there used to be. But he also enjoys a lot of finger food, and is ‘baby leading’ himself to whatever is on our plates!

I’ve been trying to come up with a lot more ideas for his meals lately, and stuff I can make in bulk so there’s always a stash on hand. After a quick Pinterest search I found a few recipes for veggie fritters/pancakes, and used them for inspiration to use what I had in the house, to make these vividly green pancakes.

200g peas (frozen)

150g broccoli (frozen)

2 eggs

1 cup plain flour

¾ teaspoon baking powder

¼ red onion

1 tablespoon lemon juice (I used a bottle)

1 tablespoon rosemary oil (plain oil would be fine too)

I microwave the peas and broccoli until they were defrosted, then literally just chucked it all in the food processor, and blended it all up.

If you would prefer them to be a bit chunkier, blitz half of the peas and broccoli with everything else and then pulse in the rest of them so you have a chunkier texture.

Fry tablespoons of the mixture in a little bit of oil or butter, or like I did on the George Foreman hotplate.

These can be served straightaway whilst still warm, or can be left to cool.

I made a big batch of these to bag up for the freezer, now I just take a few out when needed and microwave for 30 seconds or so.

Do you batch cook foods for your littles? What are their favourites?

Mrs H xxx

My First Mothers Day 

I love this little person more than I could ever explain. I am so grateful, everyday, that he made me a Mum, the only job I’ve wanted. 

Everyday is new and the same all at once. Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s frustrating. But mostly it’s lovely, and funny, and tiring.

It isn’t always easy but the hugs and kisses erase all the not so great stuff. 

It won’t always be happy, but it won’t always be sad. 

But I’ll always be Mum. And I’ll always love. 

Love you crazy billions baby boy. Forever. 

Mrs H xxx