Baby Loves: Creamy Spinach and Carrot


This is one of the best unplanned meals I’ve made for Baby H, it was literally “what have I got in the house” and threw everything together. It has turned out to be one of his favourite meals! You might want to half the onion as it does taste quite strong, but Baby H seems to like it.


1 onion, chopped small

2 carrots, diced small

100g frozen spinach

120ml double cream


Sauté the onion in extra virgin olive oil until soft.

Steam the carrots until soft, add the spinach when almost cooked through to defrost and heat through.

Blend everything together with the cream until it is the right consistency. We’re starting to not puree quite so fine, but just blend until it’s right for your little.


I’m loving coming up with new things for Baby H to try, especially when it’s such a big hit!


Mrs H xxx

Weekly Wishes 24th November 2014

One month today is Christmas Eve! I am so excited and so unprepared. How am I unprepared, I started planning so long ago! As usual I’ve been thinking rather than doing, but at least we got a big chunk of Christmas shopping done last week, and I’ve written out nearly all of the Christmas cards, so at least that’s something! But there’s a lot of homemade and handmade things that I really need to get a move on with, and it feels like there is a ton of cleaning and organising left to do.

I’ve not managed to figure out how to balance Baby H and the housework yet. It’s getting there with the help of my checklists, but I’m still learning how. Mr H has been working a lot lately, but there’s a few days this week where he’s only working evenings and I’ll be dragging my lovely parents up, and they can all help keep Baby H entertained whilst I run crazy with the black bags, duster and vacuum! This week is especially important to get the cleaning done as our Christmas decorations go up next week!

This week I also found a new addiction…Costa’s hot spiced apple drink! It is heavenly! I’m not a coffee (or tea) drinker, and rarely drink hot drinks at all, except hot blackcurrant when I’m ill, so it’s unusual of me to like something like this. Mr H is a coffee addict, so a trip to Costa when shopping last week was needed to refuel him. That’s when I made this little discovery. So when I walked Baby H to his health visitor check up today, we took a walk into town after and treated me to another cup! And even better, I ordered a snowman sized cup (medium) and was given a Santa sized cup (large)!! So I had plenty left over to reheat this evening, and I get to use my favourite winter mug from a german Christmas market. It’s boot shaped!

Ok, ok, I’m waffling! Just putting off the inevitable where I have to tell you how well I did with my wishes…it’s not great. Infact it is a great big fail right across the board!

Order online Christmas gifts – nope. Did nearly all of the main shopping, but didn’t manage to do any online!

Make a Christmas present – nope. I bought and sourced supplies, but they’re no good in pieces!

Shorten curtains – I suck. The sewing machine didn’t come out, the curtains didn’t get shortened. I really could do with getting it done before the Christmas tree goes up as its right infront of one of them.

So this week I need a rocket where the sun doesn’t shine to get me moving!

Finish the big clean – I want everything sorted before the decs come down from the attic next weekend.

Cook more for the freezer – Baby H is now up to 3 meals a day, I’m down to 1 plus snacks! More homemade ready meals needed.

I reckon both of those things should be able to be done in rota or at the same time. If I manage to get some of last weeks wishes done in between, that would be great!

Mrs H xxxIMG_0628.JPG

Stir Up Sunday

The last Sunday before advent is one of my favourite days in the run up to Christmas, it’s Stir Up Sunday, the day I make our Christmas puddings! This year its the 23rd November.

When I was little I always knew my Nan made puddings for Christmas dinner and for the family members who asked for one, but I don’t remember ever helping or seeing them being made. And I can’t remember when I found out about stir up Sunday. I do know that a few years ago my Nan decided she didn’t want to make puddings anymore, but for me there is something about Christmas where I like to make as much from scratch and be homemade as it can be. I enjoy these kinds of activities anyway, and even more so at Christmastime! Plus if it’s a Christmas activity that means I can listen to Christmas music right!?

One of my favourite things about making your own pudding is the traditions that come with it, getting the family together to mix up the pudding and make a wish. I always get everyone living in the house to have their stir and a wish, and this year will be no different. Maybe Baby H won’t make a wish, but he’ll definitely have a stir of the pudding! Even if he’ll have a little help!

I’ve used the same recipe ever since I started making puddings, and as nice as other recipes sound I’m just too scared to try out something new that’s for Christmas dinner! The only ‘tweak’ I make to Queen Delia’s recipe is a layer or brandied cherries that top the pudding. I soak glacier cherries in brandy or cherry brandy for a few days and put a few in the bottom of the pudding basin before putting the mix in. Then when it’s turned out it has a beautiful ruby jewlled top.

Do you make your puddings? When do you make them?

Mrs H xxx

Spread A Little Kindness

I know that it’s only November, but I can’t help a bit of pre planning. Who am I kidding!? I’ve been planning for months! I just can’t seem to stop myself. But I’m what my mother in law calls “a thinker, not a doer”, and she’s generally right. I love lists, I probably write a list for something or other every single day. So this Christmas there’ll be a lot of lists, some stuff I’ll do, and some I’ll plan to do next year. And probably won’t. But there is something I definitely want to do.

The lovely Jen over at has done a fantastic post for an Alternative Advent Calendar, based on acts of kindness. What an absolutely fantastic idea!

For us Christmas is all about family, friends, spending time and just loving each other. This is a brilliant way to spread that a little bit further.

It has been created with kids in mind, but at just 6 months, Baby H is just a little bit too young for any kind of advent calendar, but I didn’t want to miss out on this! So I’ve decided to steal this one for me…I may also have to get him a ‘regular’ advent calendar and “help” him out with those chocolates *wink*. Being a parent can be so hard!!

I love that there’s such a variety of kindness, ranging from charitable, neighbourly and even to wildlife!

Hopefully I can get a printer working (not an easy task lately!) and use the lovely printable that’s available, if not I’ll have to get creative myself! The felt pens are working overtime for me!

Maybe writing this post will help hold me to my word on this one, and I’ll be able to update you throughout December.

Mrs H xxx

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Super Sunday

Yesterday was a big day for Baby H. It wasn’t supposed to be quite so big, it was just Sunday dinner at Nanny and Grampy’s house, and then the Christmas lights switch on in Whitchurch Village. The light switch on was going to be a big deal, Baby H LOVES lights, and I don’t mean he’s mildly amused/distracted by them, I mean he is mesmerised and needs them ALL. It’s in the genes, what else could I have expected from marrying a lighting designer! So we knew that he would enjoy that, and I was making a bit of a big deal out of it. As an ex-Whitchurch girl myself, it’s been years sinc3e I’ve managed to make it to the big switch on, so I was also over excited for myself!
But way before this, whilst I was cooking dinner at my parent’s house, there was a shout from the living room. “There’s a tooth!” I literally dropped what I was doing and ran into the room, and sure enough, right at the front of his little gums, a sharp corner, and the very beginnings of his very first tooth!
At lunch he tried bread for the first time, and loved it! He was a little over adventurous at times, I was thinking he’d just chew on it until it was mushy, not bite huge chunks off and actually eat them! And if that wasn’t enough, I’d forgotten to take his sippy cup. I only realised this after Baby H was munching on his bread, and could do with a drink to wash it down. This didn’t faze my baby boy though; he just shared his Dad’s water…out of a pint glass! The funny thing is, he drank better out of the glass than his sippy cup!
After all of that unexpected excitement we walked down to the big switch on. I wore our Baby Bjorn style carrier (please not it is NOT from that brand, it’s just the best way I could explain the style) so that Baby H could face out. I knew the Papoozle wrap would have been comfier for me, but he’d have missed so much of the lights, and probably wiggled himself half out of it every 5 minutes trying to look. He was in his element! He loved looking at all the lights, and seeing all of the people and children. I wasn’t prepared for the fireworks display though. We didn’t go out for Bonfire Night, so he’d never seen, or heard, them before. When the first bang exploded, he jumped, well we all jumped, and I was worried he’d freak out. But he loved them too! He didn’t stop watching every colourful light. See. Completely obsessed!
So Sunday was first tooth, first bread, first pint(!), first fireworks and first Christmas lights!
We’re looking forward to many more!

Hope your Sunday was great!

Mrs H xxx