Dear G: Happy Birthday, You’re One!

Everyone says it, and I’m sure it’s something we’ll say every birthday, but how fast did that year go!? Last year you were a tiny bundle who barely filled size 1 pampers, and now you’re toddling around and shouting like a tiny drunk person!
You can say – Dad (a lot!), Mum, yes, fish and cat. There’s a whole load of other noises that could be words, but you’re usually babbling so fast and loud it’s hard to tell!
You can sign – finished and more. Usually when it’s about food!
You can – walk! You’ve been walking between me and your Dad for a little while now, but the last day or so you’ve been walking off things by yourself and going further by yourself! We are so proud of you and you’re so proud of yourself too, there’s never been a bigger smile! As well as being proud we’re also a little scared…you get up to a decent speed when crawling let alone running!
You have – 8 teeth, and more on the way. Teething is cruel for poor babies to go through, but your Amber anklet, bongela, calpol and lots of cwtches are helping.
You like – lots of stuff! Cheese and pasta are your fave foods but there’s a lot that you like to eat, and on holiday you tried lots of new things like calamari and sardine pate. You love the swings and climbing the wrong way up a slide. You’re always looking for birds to wave to in the sky (they’re no good unless they’re flying, the birds at the zoo walking around you weren’t that interesting!) and you love waving at people walking past and waiters in restaurants. You like to watch Charley Bear, In the Night Garden (especially Upsy Daisy) and Mr Tumble. You love music, you clap and smile and dance. If you’re standing you bob up and down to dance and if you’re sat down you kick the one leg. You love theme tunes and adverts too. Your favourite song is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, but there are loads that you like.
You don’t like – raw veg or salad, ice cream (how am I supposed to bribe a child who doesn’t like ice cream!?) You don’t like to be stopped moving! Car seats and baby gates are the enemy, but the pushchair is allowed.
You’ve been – to lots of places! Your first holiday was camping in Oxwich when you were 3 months old. Then at 4 months Nanny and Grampy took us to Tenby for a week. They also took us to Portugal when you were 11 months old. Your first trip to the beach was Barry Island when you were very little; we went with Nan and your cousin. Your first pub was the plough in Whitchurch when we went for Daddy’s birthday, you were 8 days old! You saw lots of animals for the first time at Folly Farm, your favourites were the penguins and the meerkats, and you loved the dolphins, sea lions and fish at Zoomarine in Portugal. And you loved riding the Ferris wheel. Your first time swimming was when we went camping, it was too cold for you to stay in for long so we put you in an inflatable boat and you fell asleep!  
You are – the most amazing little boy, you are clever and funny, you’re happy and you’re serious, and we think you are so handsome! You’re loved more than you could know.
Love you Baby Boy xxx

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely  Cardiff Mummy Says to share 50 things that make me happy and to pass it along! So here are the completely random things that make me happy. It was great to sit and list them all out, made me remember its all the little things in life that make me happy, and I probably could have gone on for a lot longer :) 

My boys – my husband and son are my everything






Family time

Going to the beach

Random and unplanned day trips

Going to curves gym

Finding a £10 note in forgotten purse/bag


Fairy lights


Singing and dancing 

Being pregnant – I’m not, but I loved it, and look forward to it again

Lists ;) 


Bedtime snuggles


Disney films


Clean bedding

Walks to the park (and playing of course)


Eyebrow wax

Getting my hair done

Birthday parties

Cloud watching 

Sleeping through the night!

Trips to the cinema (and popcorn!)

A lamb roast dinner

Coke cola

New nail varnish


Mountain views 

A pool in the garden

Autumn leaves

Pugs and Frenchies

Joe’s ice cream 

The Gower

Sleepy babies stretching

Thunder storms


Eating out

Date nights

Too much tv

Polka dots

Baby wearing


Now I want First Time Valley Mam and anyone else who wants to join in to share their lists and spread a little happiness!

Mrs H xxx

Holiday Wish List – Baby’s Carry On Edition

*disclaimer: none of the products/brands in this post have asked us or compensated any purchases to write this post. This is purely based on what we have bought and use as a family.

With just a few days until our holiday we’re getting stuff packed and ready to go. All of G’s new holiday clothes have been washed, pressed and packed, most of Mr H’s is done too and some of mine, although I still need to do a little bit of shopping! 

If it’s not packed it’s probably on a list. So here’s my list for what’s going in my carry on bag for little G. 

Food – if you know me at all you won’t be surprised this is top of the list! Although, for a change, it’s not about me eating (much). Our flight leaves around 7 o’clock in the morning, which means we’ll be at the airport a couple of hours before. Assuming G follows a rough idea of his normal schedule, breakfast is due mid flight, and rather than risk needing to feed him high salt packet sandwiches or worse nothing at all, I’m going to take his favourite porridge in a Nom Nom Kids pouch to have ready to hand whenever he decides it’s time for breakfast…about 4 am I’d guess! I’ve also bought Koko spoons that screw onto the pouches, which is really handy and leaves out the need for a separate bowl. Less to pack and less risk of being launched onto a poor unsuspecting air hostess! 

I’ll also be packing a pot or two of G’s favourite snacks, most likely Cheerios or some Organix cheese and herb puffs, as they’ll keep better for longer. We picked up some great Nuby snack pots in an Aldi baby event a little while ago which have been perfect for keeping my little guy eating on the go. 

Drinks – this one will be pretty easy, we’ll empty G’s Nuby cup before going through security and refill with water once we get through to the other side. The only thing we’ll be taking through is a SMA carton of ready to drink milk, incase of a nap emergency! Checking the airlines liquids policy we can take sterilised water and milk powder through, but the thought of a tub of milk powder exploding over everything was too much. Plus there’s slightly less equipment needed with the ready milk. 

Toys – I’m planning a small variety of toys to interest/distract G, some noisy (airport lounge, away from people!) to guaranteed favourite cuddlies. Although if it does go worse than imagined on the plane, people are going to need to decide between upset child and Upsy Daisy catchphrases over and over! However, G is so nosy and interested in public places I can’t imagine him having time to be upset on the plane, more than likely will be too busy staring people out…it means he likes you or is intrigued, but generally it’s just unsettling to strangers lol. 

There’ll be a favourite highchair toy, not too nosy and can be fixed to the pull down tray on the plane. A light up, sound making rattle…it has an off switch! Waddles the penguin, his favourite friend, and Upsy Daisy, his close second favourite friend…who doesn’t have an off switch. Both of these I’m hoping to make some kind of reins for…can’t imagine anything worse than losing a penguin mid dash to check in! And I’ll take a book or two, even if he’s not interested in listening, turning the pages will distract him for a while. 

Incase of extreme emergency I’ll be looking to download a few child friendly games/apps to my iPad mini.  I’m not against kids using technology for playtime at all and don’t see it as a ‘lazy’ option as often is suggested. But I don’t want him to get too used to playing on it rather than playing with his toys, reading  books or watching what’s going on around him. However he is an extremely active little dude, and if some screen time is needed to persuade him to sit still a bit longer I’m all for it! Please tell me Mr Tumble has an app?! 

Spare Clothes – I’ve been lucky to never really need to carry spare outfits. I did when G was really little incase of puke/poopsplosions, and lately I carry an extra jacket or jumper for a change in weather, but I just know if I don’t pack one this once, that’s when it’s going to be needed! So an extra pair of leggings, vest and tshirt are going to be packed into a ziplock bag “just in case”. 

The essentials – you might think it’s strange that the ‘essentials’ are at the bottom of the list, but only because I’m so used to packing them into the changing bag that they’d almost be added on autopilot! 

Nappies and wipes. I really want to get one of those pretty clutch style bags that hold a pack of wipes and a nappy or two for quick trips to change. 

Sudocream, Vaseline and bongela. The holy trinity of my grab box, although I may need to get smaller pots due to the liquid restrictions. Pastes, creams and gels all count as liquids.  

And of course the all important Ouch Pouch, stocked up with Calpol incase of poorly ears! 

What else am missing? What could you never fly without when traveling with a baby/toddler? 

Mrs H xxx

First Aid Kit

This summer is going to be busy! We have our first family holiday abroad in about a week, a ‘staycation’ towards the end of the summer, and several camping trips and day trips planned for in between. Factor in a little boy who’ll be walking soon and I know we’ll be in need of some first aid at some point!

Practically belongs in a museum!

We bought this kit in a hyper value probably around 8 years ago! And it still had most of the original ‘kit’ still inside. Over the years we’ve used a lot of the plasters and some bandages, but have been lucky enough not to need the eye patches and some of the more obscure items. A lot of the items expired in 2009! So it was time for a freshen up and update of all of the contents.

Restocked and ready to go


The ‘master’ kit:



Insect repellent

Anti septic wipes


Burn gel

Hand sanitizer




Anti allergy

Heartburn relief

Anti constipation

Anti diarrhoea

Gel cool pack

Anti itch cream


Our ‘Ouch Pouch’


Whilst researching Pinterest for what other people are considering essentials, I discovered the first aid kit ‘spin off’. The “Ouch Pouch”! (As far as I’m aware this is a coined term rather than a brand, if I’m wrong please please let me know!) The Ouch Pouch is a smaller, more easily portable first aid kit, suitable for throwing into a changing bag or even handbag for days out, trips to the park etc.

Decorated with our Pirate plasters :)


The ‘Ouch Pouch’


Anti septic wipes

Hand sanitizer

Paracetamol/Calpol sachets

Ibuprofen/Calprofen sachets


Hopefully we won’t need to use most of this stuff, but it’s better to have it than not!

What are your first aid essentials? Do you carry yours with you?


Mrs H xxx

Nom Nom Kids – Review & Recipe

*Disclaimer: we were sent 4 pouches for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and my own*

 How cute are they?!

We have been lucky enough to be sent some ‘Nom Nom Kids’ pouches to try out, a new addition to our foodie journey. They boast an easy to fill, easy to take out and about and easy to clean pouch that will take your baby from first foods to toddler snacks and possibly beyond! Add to that they’re a really cute and kid friendly design. 

And do you know what? They’re right! I’ve looked in to several different pouches and although I haven’t tried them all, I reckon these have got to be among the best. I’ve seen pouches need filling stations and little plunger type items to be able to fill them. The Nom Nom pouches have a large side opening, and are designed to stand steady on their side whilst being filled. No need for any special equipment, just a spoon will do. Note to self: put lid on first! Idiot! Once filled and sealed, with a really easy press and seal, there’s a handy spot to write down what’s inside. Especially handy for any childminders and for remembering what’s in the freezer!

On our first trial run we made a batch of Blackberry, Banana & Pear smoothie to take out for lunch (recipe found below) I was worried about the side seal being strong enough, especially when travelling around in the changing bag next to heavy tubs of sudocream, squashed by various toys and generally being thrown about. But I was pleased to find there were no leaks at all!

The only issue we found was giving the pouch to a 10 month old…that was completely user error and I should have seen it coming! Giving a squeezy pouch full of bright purple smoothie to a very small child was not a good idea! Practise is definitely needed for holding his own pouch, but used with a spoon they’ve been great.  As a side note I bought the Koko pouch spoons and they fit the Nom Nom pouches perfectly!

G getting a helping hand

But I think the best thing about these pouches is the cleaning. I cannot stress enough how much I HATE washing up in general, it’s possibly the main reason I wish I was able to breastfeed! And the thought of having to wash fiddly bits of pouch was enough to put me off, but these lovely things…..go in the dishwasher!! You honestly don’t know how happy this made me! After use I just rinse quickly and put them in the top drawer of the dishwasher and they’re sorted!

They’ve done great in the freezer, which is perfect for taking smoothies on a day out, I just take them out in the morning and they’ll have defrosted but still be cool by lunch. For a warm meal (cheesy pasta stars are a big favourite) simply stand the pouch in hot water until warmed through.

Filled and ready to go

Although I think these would have been used so much more had I discovered them at the start of weaning, first food purees, there is still plenty of use left for toddler snacks and even meals. I’m having a lot of fun coming up with new recipes and snacks to take out or enjoy at home. And they’ll definitely be coming on holiday with us, porridge for our early morning flight!

so handy to know what’s in there!

Blackberry, Banana & Pear Smoothie

1 cup frozen blackberries

1 small banana 

1 pear (I didn’t bother peeling, but I did core)

1/2 cup whole milk

Put all the ingredients into a food processor or blender, or use a hand blender, and blitz until smooth. 

This amount of milk makes quite a thick smoothie so add more if you prefer a thinner drink. 

Of course you can also use fresh berries, but we still had a stash from last seasons blackberry picking, and it makes a lovely refreshing summer slush smoothie. 

Blackberry, Banana & Pear Smoothie..yum!


Mrs H xxx