A Timeline of Your Day – #Blogtober16 Day 15

I thought yesterday’s prompt was difficult/not too interesting, but I’m struggling with today’s just as much!

I’m just not sure it’s exciting enough for a post!! Though I’m loving having a nose at everyone who’s posted theirs so far, it’s been great for an idea of schedule or activity ideas.

We’re a little too housebound for my liking, though the end of this pregnancy is getting harder so it won’t be changing in the near future, but it’s good to get ideas. 

Especially now that I’m on maternity leave. Understandably there are so many family activities held on a weekend, especially for occasions like Halloween and Christmas, which we tend to miss because I work weekends. I’m looking forward to going along to some this year…well Christmas ones at least, no illusion that we’ll be attending anything Halloween themed this year (due date 30th!) that’s not at home. 

Mrs H xxx 


The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name – #Blogtober16 Day 14

This is definitely the hardest prompt of the series so far. 

I don’t think it’s interesting enough to stretch it into a full post at any rate. It’s just my name, and I write about my family and our lives.

I guess I didn’t really think it through when I started the blog. I should probably have chosen something that would be a bit more private, but I didn’t know it was something I’d enjoy doing so much, or become such a big part of my life. 

I do wonder if it’s something that I should change, and make an attempt to become a little bit more anonymous but it may be a bit difficult to back track now I’ve come this far.

Thankfully I’ve not experienced anything too negative via the blog (touch wood!) and generally the blog world is a lovely place so it’s not been an issue. But it is something I think about. 

Maybe one day in the future a rebrand is needed. Though goodness knows where is start thinking of a new blog name!

Mrs H xxx 


What’s In My Handbag – #Blogtober16 Day 12

Well this prompt has come at a good time!

As many mums will know, we don’t get a handbag for a while, but a baby bag. Over the last few months though I’ve almost had my handbag back, with just a few toddler items (usually food related and the odd dinosaur or Teletubbie floating around) and a section for nappies and wipes. 

But with Baby Herniman 2 due  to arrive at any moment, I need a refresher on what essentials I’ll need again! So I’ve linked to a post I wrote a little while ago, laying out all the essentials I need  in a changing bag 

Mrs H xxx


Diono Radian 5 – A Full Review 


We have been using the Diono Radian 5 for a few months now, and we’re really impressed! 

Many people who know me know that I’ve been banging on about the safety aspects of extended rear facing for a long a long time now. But getting the right car seat is essential to extended rear facing. Safety will go out the window if the seat is the wrong fit so please research that the seat is suitable for your vehicle and your child.

The radian 5 boasts a unique steel frame, meaning that it is incredibly well structured against any impact. It also means that the seat is really heavy, and even more weighted and secure in an accident. It also means that it can seat children up to 25kg, approximately 7 years old. This is from birth too! It’s at the higher end of the price range, but when you take in to account how long it should last, it’s simply provided one seat for the first 7 years instead of having to upgrade to the next suitable size etc.

It took me a little while to fit the car seat. I did need help lifting the seat in to the car, I’m not particularly strong anyway and being pregnant meant I didn’t want to lift it much. The instructions are fairly clear to follow for fitting, but it has additional straps and safety features that I wasn’t used to from other seats so I did watch a few videos on YouTube to double check where I needed to fit everything and how to check that it was installed correctly.

Despite the heavy frame, the seat is much narrower than you’d expect. Car seats can be really bulky and uncomfortable to sit next to, but this fits in our small car a lot easier than previous seats we’ve had. We recently went on holiday with my parents and our small Suzuki Splash was the main vehicle for day trips and visits to local restaurants etc. This meant there were for adults to fit in the car, two in the back alongside the car seat. Now I’m not saying it was a comfortable position for a long period of time, but I’m not sure that it would have been at all possible with other car seats.

The seat itself is really comfortable for G, and the interior is nicely padded with memory foam. Even rear facing G has been kept comfortable on long journeys for holidays this summer, wherever his legs rest is padded meaning they don’t tire or ache with leaning on the sides, so he remains comfy at all times. He’s fallen asleep on more journey’s than I can count and very rarely falls forward in the seat, something I was worried about as it doesn’t recline like some other car seats do.

It’s recommended that the fabric is surface washed rather than removed and machine washable, so I do try to wipe it down fairly regularly to keep on top of the cleanliness of the seat, especially as it’s an item that can last for many years. It would be easier if you could remove the covers to wash, but at the end of the day isn’t the end of the world. When you take into account the more important features of the seat, this for me out weighs how to clean the seat.

Overall I am really happy with the Radian 5, and we will be using it for G for as long as possible. The safety and comfort features are exceptional, and they’ve also just released a few extra colour options too and are really stylish. I feel confident in recommending this car seat to anyone, and I certainly wouldn’t do that for such a big safety feature if I didn’t truly believe in the product. We’re also going to be getting a second seat for Baby Herniman 2.  

Mrs H xxx

Disclosure – we were sent a Diono Radian 5 for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own 

Favourite Animal – #Blogtober16 Day 11 

I love lots of animals; I mean who can resist cute kittens, puppies and talking parrots? I also think snakes are really cute too!

But my absolute favourite are penguins! If we are looking to visit a zoo I will always want to check if they have penguins there. One of our favourite family days out is to Folly Farm in West Wales, and we will always visit the penguins at least twice.

They’re so cute and funny, and I find them fascinating to watch whether they are waddling about on land or diving through the water for fish.
G’s favourite toy came from our first trip to Folly Farm as a family and he loves ‘Waddles’ so much. I feel so proud that he probably heads up as his favourite furry friend, though he has lots of them.

Having a bad day? Penguin documentaries or videos on YouTube will always make everything happier.

Mrs H xxx