Piercings and Tattoos – #Blogtober16 Day 16 

I love tattoos. I’ve even got a board on Pinterest for my favourite tattoo ideas. I’d be covered in them if I went for every idea that I love. 

They’re so intricate and detailed, at least the good ones are! Such works of art.

So how many have I got if I love them so much? Uh…none! 

I got my mum to take me for my first tattoo when I was 17, a very swirly, arty butterfly, but they wouldn’t do it until I was 18, despite my mum being there saying she gave permission.

So I’d go back at 18 and get it done…except 17 year old me seemed to be a lot braver than 18 year old me, or any me since! 

I’ve totally wimped out! I’d still really love one, but I’m worried I’d choose the wrong thing or have it in a place I wish I could change, I’m quite a fickle person and I worry I’d regret it long term. 

I was going to get a small one for my birthday last January (a deathly hallows symbol because I LOVE Harry Potter and that’s not changed for a very long time) but then I found out I was pregnant so maybe next year.

Piercings, I’ve only got my ears pierced. I wanted to get my tongue pierced many years ago but found out I have a tongue tie so it’s not possible (also probably why I wasn’t very good at breast feeding when I was a baby!).

I was going to get a daith piercing as they’re supposed to help with migraines, and I suffer terribly. I’ve no idea if it actually helps, but after suffering for over 20 years with migraines I’ll try anything!

Again pregnancy put a stop to that piercing for the time being. 

Maybe next birthday I’ll suddenly get lots of piercings and a full sleeve of tattoos!? Doubtful…I’ll probably still be a wimp :D 

Mrs H xxx


What’s In My Fridge? – #Blogtober16 Day 13

Honestly? Not a lot! 
Despite my intentions to start meal planning a couple of weeks ago, I’ve still not got my head round getting it organised. 

I’m hoping to get an online shop sorted soon so at least we’ll be stocked up when Baby gets here. More than likely it’ll include a fair few ready meals, just to make sure we actually do eat! 

I’m looking forward to lots of lovely Autumn meals. There is currently a lasagne waiting in the fridge, which is a start I guess! 

I can’t wait to make a big batch of Chorizo and Beef chilli too, one of my favourite Autumn meals.

Really I dream of having a fully stocked fridge…but if it’s full, it’s probably mostly mouldy!!

Mrs H xxx 


A Timeline of Your Day – #Blogtober16 Day 15

I thought yesterday’s prompt was difficult/not too interesting, but I’m struggling with today’s just as much!

I’m just not sure it’s exciting enough for a post!! Though I’m loving having a nose at everyone who’s posted theirs so far, it’s been great for an idea of schedule or activity ideas.

We’re a little too housebound for my liking, though the end of this pregnancy is getting harder so it won’t be changing in the near future, but it’s good to get ideas. 

Especially now that I’m on maternity leave. Understandably there are so many family activities held on a weekend, especially for occasions like Halloween and Christmas, which we tend to miss because I work weekends. I’m looking forward to going along to some this year…well Christmas ones at least, no illusion that we’ll be attending anything Halloween themed this year (due date 30th!) that’s not at home. 

Mrs H xxx 


The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name – #Blogtober16 Day 14

This is definitely the hardest prompt of the series so far. 

I don’t think it’s interesting enough to stretch it into a full post at any rate. It’s just my name, and I write about my family and our lives.

I guess I didn’t really think it through when I started the blog. I should probably have chosen something that would be a bit more private, but I didn’t know it was something I’d enjoy doing so much, or become such a big part of my life. 

I do wonder if it’s something that I should change, and make an attempt to become a little bit more anonymous but it may be a bit difficult to back track now I’ve come this far.

Thankfully I’ve not experienced anything too negative via the blog (touch wood!) and generally the blog world is a lovely place so it’s not been an issue. But it is something I think about. 

Maybe one day in the future a rebrand is needed. Though goodness knows where is start thinking of a new blog name!

Mrs H xxx 


What’s In My Handbag – #Blogtober16 Day 12

Well this prompt has come at a good time!

As many mums will know, we don’t get a handbag for a while, but a baby bag. Over the last few months though I’ve almost had my handbag back, with just a few toddler items (usually food related and the odd dinosaur or Teletubbie floating around) and a section for nappies and wipes. 

But with Baby Herniman 2 due  to arrive at any moment, I need a refresher on what essentials I’ll need again! So I’ve linked to a post I wrote a little while ago, laying out all the essentials I need  in a changing bag 

Mrs H xxx