I’ve threatened to meal plan for so long. I know that it would be good for our budget, and it would stop the daily (and I mean every. Single. Day.) “What do we want for tea?” questions, that usually results in a starved raid of the freezer…or a takeaway! Neither of which are healthy or cheap options.
With Baby Herniman 2 due in a matter of weeks, organisation of food prep and cooking times is going to get even more difficult. So I’m going to try (again) to get into the meal planning habit and try and get some batch cooking done so that we can switch it up if needed, but still have healthy and delicious options to heat up whenever we want.
Instead of jumping in head first and deciding today would be Bolognese, tomorrow tacos etc, I thought I’d take a more useful first step and think first, not start panic buying ingredients.
This week we are going to try and eat out of the freezer as much as possible, to use up whatever is hiding in there, and make space for meals that we want. And also get rid of whatever is past its best. I won’t lie, it’s going to hurt to just throw things out, really wasteful. But if they’re questionable or beyond saving then they’re no more use just living in limbo in our freezer!
So as a start I’ve come up with some ‘theme’ ideas that will help us choose meals for the week, and hopefully make meal planning a bit more interesting for us…maybe we’ll do better at sticking with it!

  • Soup and Sandwiches
  • Chinese  
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Pasta
  • Mexican
  • Slow cooker stew
  • Indian
  • Autumn classic
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Focus on dessert
  • Meatless
  • Indian
  • Lamb/Chicken/Beef/Pork
  • Freezer surprise

A good few of these can be combined of course, but it’s just a few ideas to get started.
Are there any others you would add? What are your favourite meals to plan and make?
Mrs H xxx

5 comments on “Meal Planning Monday – Getting Started”

  1. This is such a good idea. I really need to get organised. I love cooking at this time of year because there are so many lovely foods around. Stews and crumbles! I think your list is pretty comprehensive though. Unless you have a raw sushi week? No….?

  2. I love to meal plan, it saves us so much money and I like that the kids know what they’re getting so there’s no more “what’s for dinner?” As soon as they get home from school! We’ve not done it much lately because of the situation and wanting to empty the freezer but I’m determined to get back into it! X

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