*Superdrug provided a treatment of my choice at the Beauty Studio in exchange for a review of the services. All comments and opinions are strictly my own*

Did you know that superdrug does beauty treatments?? I didn’t! Not until they asked me to go and review a treatment at the Beauty Studio in my local Superdrug store.

The idea is absolutely brilliant. No appointments are needed and they offer a range of treatments from hair removal to nails. Some even offer hairdressing appointments!

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard a lot about self care lately, especially as a parent. And if beauty is your idea of self care, it’s not always easy to do. If you’re anything like me you’ll unexpectedly find yourself with the time to go get your nails done, but won’t be able to because there’s no appointments. That’s the best thing about the Beauty Studio, you can just walk right in whenever you’re free. If all the beauticians are with clients you can just wait until a space becomes available.

I visited the Beauty Studio, Superdrug, in St David’s 2 in Cardiff. They didn’t allow any photos to be taken, I was asked not to and to delete the one I did take, so I took this photo from the website. The studio in the Cardiff store is in the centre of the shop, and there’s a huge range of cosmetics and perfume to browse if you have the time.

I haven’t had my eyebrows done for quite a while, and shallow or not I always feel better about myself if my eyebrows and nails are done. I usually get them waxed and tinted, but took the opportunity to try threading for the first time. I guess everyone is different, but threading is not for me! The finish is not as neat as I’m used to, and holy moly it hurt! I much prefer waxing, one quick pull and it’s done! Although I will say the redness and puffiness calmed a lot quicker than it usually does when waxing.

A sneaky before shot

I wasn’t 100% pleased with my eyebrows. They were not terrible by a long shot, but just not as good as I would have liked. The shape was fine, but the tint wasn’t quite right. It was slightly over my eyebrows shape but not dark enough, so looked a bit like I’d smudged eyebrow pencil on them.

After – not terrible, just not how I like them

Also, I think the only downside from the drop in appointments is that the beautician wasn’t so keen to talk or take the time with me. As I said, I not had my brows threaded before so didn’t understand what she meant when she asked me to “hold” (she meant gently. Pull the skin either side of my brows, but I had no clue) and it was a bit rushed. When I said that I would have liked the tint a bit darker I was advised that there wouldn’t be time to re do them and I would need to wait until they next needed tinting.

Would I go back? Actually, yes, I probably would. Perhaps I wouldn’t bother with the tint and just stick to my Maybelline tattoo brow, but for £8 and no need to book, I’d get my eyebrows waxed there. Don’t underestimate how little free time parents get, drop in treatments are definitely a great thing! And like I said, they do have a range of other treatments, including eyelash extensions, so if you were getting ready for a date night, or prepping for a holiday, or even just to treat yourself, you could pop in and get your nails, brows and eyelashes sorted, as well as picking up any make up must haves you need too.

Mrs H xxx

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