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Nom Nom Pouches – Improved!


Still the cutest design out there

I reviewed the Nom Nom pouches a little while ago, complete with a fruit smoothie recipe.

Recently the lovely people at Nom Nom got in touch again, to let me know that they’ve tweaked their (already fab pouches) to improve them even more! The seal was already pretty strong (I had it toddler tested and it passed with flying colours) but now it has a double seal to make it even safer for toddler use or chuck in a change bag and forget about…not that I’ve ever done that…obviously.

Now these pouches are clearly a fantastic accessory if weaning with purees is your thing. It was our thing, and I’m gutted that we never found these pouches until it was too late for G. That does not mean, however, that these pouches are restricted to just weaning! Oh no my friends it certainly doesn’t! It doesn’t even stop at toddler snacks, although it is perfect for smoothies and yogurts.

I’ve been on a little mission to see how I can include the pouches into our lives a little more, making breakfast, lunch, tea or snacks a little easier.

Breakfast with no spills!

Breakfast: I’ll admit, mornings aren’t my strong point! So I like breakfasts to be quick and easy. Toast is a favourite, I also try to have a stash of French toast, pancakes or waffles in the freezer ready to pop in the toaster and have ready in a few minutes. But I do want to vary it a bit, and porridge is a great choice. Healthy and filling, you can change it up with loads of fruits and flavourings.

Lately though all of G’s food needs to be finger food or he’s not interested. Porridge is definitely not a finger food. Until now…sort of…putting it in a pouch is working wonders! You do have to make sure it’s thinned out a little and quite smooth but that’s easy enough, we usually use ready oats anyway which are quite smooth (and quicker than normal oats!)

Another bonus of porridge in a pouch is that any early mornings where you need to be out the door quickly breakfast is portable. No more battling to get him to finish faster (and not choke!) he can take the pouch with him and take as long as he wants to…like he normally does.

Taking them to work

Lunch: there are a ton of choices for lunch and tea that can be put straight into a pouch such a soups and stews. But this is a slightly different idea. Not so much eaten straight from the pouch, but a great idea for a packed lunch or picnic. Not just for the kids either! 

Flavoured hummus is a great as a main feature with veg crudités or pita breads. For adults it’s great as an alternative to a salad dressing. I’d be happy to take a pouch to work; it would certainly cheer up lunch hour!

Tea at the grandparents…have pouch, will travel!

Dinner: the pouches are perfect for pasta sauce, and pasta sauce is perfect for hiding a ton of extra goodness and veggies into! Make a big batch and freeze portions ready for a quick and easy (but nutritious) meal. If you have an evening outing that you can plan for, boil and cool some pasta shapes that you can pack up and take along with a pouch. Both can be warmed through whenever needed. 

If taking a seperate pot of pre cooked pasta isn’t convenient, add little pasta stars to the sauce for a complete meal in the pouch. They’re small enough to pass through the spout easily and bulk up a meal. G has even been happy to eat this cold. Pasta salad in a pouch!?
These pouches have survived picnics, trips at the bottom of the changing bag, toddler excited squeezing, many stays in the freezer, and they’re all still here to tell the tale!

The large side opening means that not only are they incredibly easy to fill (no need for funnels) but it also means they are easy to wash. Even easier when you bung them in the dishwasher! I know that I’ve mentioned before my detest for washing up, so this makes them a dream.

Do your toddlers have a favourite on the go snacks or meals? How do you keep up with busy toddler schedules?

Mrs H xxx

*Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of the newly improved Nom Nom Pouches to test, all views and opinions are my own.

Autumn Fun at St Fagans


Autumn has well and truly arrived. I don’t mind the cold so much, but I’d rather it wouldn’t rain (wouldn’t we all!?) because then it means we get to enjoy lovely days out like this!
If you grew up in South Wales I can guarantee you’ve been to St Fagan’s Welsh History Museum at least three times, but even as grownups myself and Mr H love it there!
It’s a fab day out for all the family and is free too! You have to pay £3 for parking, but that’s all day, and then that’s it, no entry fees.

For those who don’t know, or have never visited, the museum has many examples of life in Wales. From the Celtic village, to the majestic castle, right through the farm houses and 60’s pre fab home, they are set up exactly how life was during that era. My personal favourite is the row of terraced houses, complete with gardens. I’d love to go back to the 40’s/50’s and have veg growing in the garden, making bread everyday and generally being a traditional housewife, not for everyone I know! I’d love a 50’s dress, hair style too, but I’d have to sneak a pair of converse back in time with me.

Sticking with the retro theme, my second favourite places to visit are the Bake house and shop and the Gwalia stores. All conveniently located in the same “village” area. I love imagining life in a village like that, visiting the post office and making small talk with all the shop keepers! You can shop ‘for real’ in the Bake house and Gwalia stores. I could easily kit out my kitchen with the retro tins and bake ware from the shop. And no visit is complete without a loaf of bread and a sugar mouse to take home!

 G is at a great age to start enjoying places like this. Appropriately attired in his wellies he threw himself into the proper autumn activity that is leaf diving! He had an absolutely fab time running through them, throwing them and crunching them. It completely cemented for me that we can enjoy some outdoor fun whatever time of year it is. Next step is to buy G a decent waterproof suit, and me some wellies and we’ll be good for the rest of Autumn and Winter!

I was slow collecting some dry leaves for Autumn crafts; we were too busy jumping through them. By the time I thought of it, it had (has) been raining for days. Unless someone has a good craft that requires leaf mush, I’m out of ideas!

Where are your favourite places to visit locally? Do you get to enjoy the outdoors in Autumn?

Mrs H xxx

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 16th-22nd November 2015

What can’t you smell, see or taste but is highly dangerous!? Carbon monoxide can kill swiftly without any warning and around 40 people every year die from poisoning caused by faulty, poorly maintained or poorly insulated gas appliances and chimneys. Serious damage can be done to your health even if levels aren’t high enough to kill. More than 200 people every year are admitted to hospital with suspected poisoning. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can cause brain damage or even paralysis.

The 16th-22nd November is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week and we’re hoping that by increasing public knowledge and understanding of this deadly gas, we can all start to take better precautions to help reduce the risk of suffering at its silent hands.

Any appliance that can burn fossil fuels, including oil, wood, coal, gas, please make sure it is maintained and serviced regularly. If you have a chimney please make sure it is well swept.

Other signs to look out for: pilot lights that regularly blow out, soot or yellow/brown staining around or on appliances, increased condensation inside windows.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be bought easily and are not very expensive. Small children and the elderly are the most at risk, but it can affect everyone. They really should be as important in every household as a smoke detector. In fact id go as far as to say they slightly more important, because carbon monoxide has no tell tale signs such as a smell, or visual signs.

CORGI HomePlan is campaigning for every home to have a carbon monoxide detector to help keep their family safe. Please visit the CORGI HomePlan blog to find out more about Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, signs and symptoms and prevention and safety tips. There’s also a chance to win your own carbon monoxide detector.

Do you already have a detector? Will you be getting one?

Mrs H xxx

*Disclaimer – I may be sent a detector for participating in Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. Content is my own.

Alternative Halloween Films 

 Me and horror films don’t get on. Scream traumatised me for years, Halloween was a nightmare with masks popping up everywhere, and The Ring is still traumatising me. A grown woman really shouldn’t have to sprint up the stairs so fast just because the lights have gone off!

I still really enjoy Halloween, and it’s no secret that I love film night; I’m just no good with the horror films. So here are my alternative Halloween films, that won’t keep me up with the lights on for the next year.


Hocus Pocus – an obvious first choice. I love this film so much, all year, but especially at Halloween. Who doesn’t love Bette Midler for a start!? Suitable for children (slight fear factor) and adults too, a true Disney classic. I’ll be singing the creepy child luring song for weeks!
Addams Family Values – of course the first film is equally good for this time of year, but this was the one we had on video and my favourite. More suited to older children it has a mild scare factor and language. But nothing is better than the Thanksgiving pageant…Pugsley as a singing turkey, brilliant!


Practical Magic – one for the grownups, best enjoyed with a pitcher of margaritas! Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are both fab, but Stockard Channing steals it for me. Spooky enough to make me jump but not keep me awake with nightmares, this is a great grown up film for Halloween. Just don’t try the witch jump off the roof…unless you know you can fly of course.
Return to Oz – not a Halloween film I hear you say? Well if you enjoy scaring your littles (just a little bit) this is a good film for it. Jack Pumpkinhead was my first thought for a Halloween hint, but the Wheelers and all the Queen’s heads…terrifying for kids! Not as good as Wizard of Oz (of course) but I do enjoy it as a film in its own right.


Casper – a great kids film that has the feel good factor, and very little fear factor. Who hasn’t fallen in love with the cute, chubby cheeked ghost, and the adorable Christina Ricci? I still tear up at the end “can I keep you?” blub blub!
Will you be watching any Halloween themed films this week? Or are you braver than I, and enjoy a good horror?
Mrs H xxx

Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers


Recently we were very lucky to be invited to meet the lovely people of Little Tikes, and get to know their brand new range a little better.
It was G’s first time in London, and my first time taking on a solo trip so big! Despite the very shaky start (cancelled train and a big panic!) it went pretty well, and G was so good considering the incredibly active 16 month old was forced to keep pretty still for several hours over the course of the day. I think a couple of hours making new friends and playing with some seriously cute toys helped make up for it. I think he’d agree anyway!

And it certainly was lots of fun! Both of us got to meet “new friends”, although it’s proving to be very strange meeting fellow blogger that you’ve been talking to and reading about for a long time! You’re meeting for the first time but already know so much about their lives. It’s very strange, but nice at the same time.


Doll thief!!
G’s friend making was a lot less strange for him. Steal a doll, try and swap your beloved penguin for said doll, have to give doll back. I don’t think there were any long term grudges. At least I hope not!
After the initial scoping out of the poor doll, he soon got stuck into the toys (the ones we were there to actually try!) and really enjoyed them.


Checking out the Stand ‘n’ Dance Starfish

The Lil’ Ocean Explorers range consists of eight new little sea creature friends which have been designed to engage our littles whilst helping them develop their motor skills and co ordination. And they don’t even know it!

We got to chat to Dr. Amanda Gummer, an independent child development and play expert, who believes that children learn best through play. And I happen to strongly believe this! Children are the little sponges who are constantly soaking up new information and learning new things (even the stuff you wish they didn’t!) and they’ll learn best by doing rather than being shown. These colourful characters can help them reach important milestones whilst having so much fun they hardly know it.

Side note – we’re supposed to be encouraging these milestones, not crying over them and repeating “where has my baby gone!?” over and over…so I’m told.

Catch Me Crabbie looking cuter than ever in biscuit form!

All the characters are exceptionally cute, with they’re bright colours and big cartoon eyes, it’s hard not to love all of them! I was particularly taken by ‘Catch Me Crabbie’ who has a motion sensor that will detect baby approaching, and scuttles side to side, clapping it’s claws and playing music (the music I can’t comment on. A room full of toddling, crawling children and chatting parents…yeah I couldn’t hear it!) It’s great for encouraging crawling and hand eye co ordination to catch him. What I particularly loved was that he doesn’t scuttle off too far. G had some great toys when he was younger, that would roll off in order to be chased. They would inevitably roll too far and mean that I was chasing it more than G! Crabbie goes far enough away to encourage movement, but not too far that I’d have to join in too much. Win win.

Stomping out a tune

G’s loved the Stand ‘N’ Dance Starfish. It has everything that he loves (and I’m sure he’s not alone) lights, music, and a ‘slide’ that he can spend hours chucking the balls (and cars, trains, upsy daisy and bits of sandwich) down the ball drop and watch them spiral down and across the room.

3 in 1 Adventure Course

To be honest, he really enjoyed playing with all of the toys, but his favourite by a mile was the 3 in 1 Adventure Course. It’s a fab all round toy, suitable from 6months, all stages can find something to enjoy with this. There are loads to look at and reach for if they’re just sitting. The octopus is sturdy enough to help them pull themselves to standing, where they can load balls onto his arms and catapult them across the room. 

Not sure if the kids or grownups were enjoying this feature the most. Even when they’re crawling or full on sprinting, there is hours of fun to be had crawling under the tunnel sections or zig sagging in and out of the course. And although it’s a fairly sizeable toy when it’s all set up, it does come apart for storage. I believe (although I didn’t test it out) that the sections can be used individually too. 

The adventure course will definitely be going on G’s letter to Santa this year! I can see it having a lot of use, burning off some energy on the rainy days indoors, and taken into the garden for an obstacle course during the summer months (we are getting one next year…right?)


Exploring the Adventure Course
Definitely his favourite toy!

Little Tikes is such a well known and trusted brand, we knew that we were going to have fun, but were really impressed with the new range, the bright colours, variety and sturdiness. They were all put under some serious and rigorous stress testing that afternoon and I didn’t see a seal or lobster falter.

Have you seen the new Lil’ Ocean Explorers range? Who’s your favourite character?

Mrs H xxx