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Why Do Toddler Shoes Have Laces?! 


In the last 21 months we’ve used a lot of new, interesting and sometimes odd products relating to our bundle of baby joy (he was, now he’s a bundle of toddler energy).Some were good and have become everyday essentials (lidded snack pot I’m looking at you!), some were ok but not essentials, and some were bad. Or too strange to even try (I’m just not ready to try snot suckers…bleurgh!) 

But there’s just been a few products where I’ve wondered “Why is this even an option!?) 

Spill proof cups: 

Seriously. Why wouldn’t ALL toddler cups be spill proof!? Is there anyone who actually wants to risk the mini flood in the changing bag, or on the living room rug? Toddlers are usually unable to contain they’re excitement even when holding things, so when that bus drives past the dining room window during dinner and G starts waving excitedly at it, suddenly it’s raining indoors and I’m off to the kitchen to bin all the cups that aren’t spill proof.

Shoes with Velcro:

I love G’s preloved little converse we got from eBay. They look so cute and go with everything, plus they seem to be withstanding the regular toddler beatings and trips to the washing machine. But there is one major issue with them. The laces. Why do shoes sized for toddlers come with laces? If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying to tie a wriggling, hyped up toddler’s shoes then you have no idea what frustration is. And when you do succeed in tying them, he’ll then undo them in the car to wherever you’re going (grrr face) or they’ll come undone mid park visit and you’ll only notice once your toddler has face planted the floor (so I’m guessing…not saying it’s happened…honest). 

Gloves without string:

Ok so I know many of us will remember the irritating feeling of half a meter of wool running through your sleeves and across your back, and I know we all swore we’d never put our kids through these torturous situations, but when your on your third pair of toddler gloves (this week!) you suddenly realise what a genius idea it is. Next thing you know you’re sewing the string on yourself! 

Do you agree with me or do you actually prefer the alternatives to these? Or what items have you wondered aren’t ‘standard’?

Mrs H xxx Personalised Phone Cases


Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review a personalised item from 

The website was really easy to use and navigate and there are lots of different products to choose from including phone and tablet covers, but also gifts such as mugs and pocket mirrors.

As my parents had recently updated their phones I ordered a new phone case for both of them. They both have iphones, but options for lots of Samsung phones are available too.

There are a few different options for the cases; ultra light weight slim line, executive flip leather style and full wrap around premium. I chose the full wrap around premium for both cases.
Uploading the pictures was really easy, I could choose from the photos already in my photo albums on my phone. The only difficult part was choosing which photos to use!

The premium cases are priced at £19.95, which I thought was a bit much for a phone case, but then I’m usually a 99p eBay girl. As you can imagine the quality of any case sold for 99p is not great, and doesn’t tend to last very long or last through many toddler encounters!


The cases arrived very quickly and I was genuinely impressed with the fantastic quality of the cases. The plastic is sturdy and not at all flimsy or likely to break. Most importantly the pictures were clear and not at all fuzzy or pixelated. I was worried about the pictures I’d chosen because they’d come from instagram and had had filters applied too. They came out amazing!

The cases were easily fitted onto the phones, they snap on really easily and fit nice and snugly. The cases have now been well used for over a month, and have endured many a trip, fall and sticky toddler invasion and they’re both still in perfect condition! They haven’t chipped or cracked at all, and the pictures haven’t scratched or faded.

I wasn’t sure about the price of the cases originally (because I’m a bit of a cheapskate!) but you really get what you pay for with these cases. They are a really good quality, which would last until your next upgrade and longer. I’ve ordered one for myself now!
*Disclaimer: I was sent two phone cases for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and my own 

  27 Random Things About a 27 Year Old

Google wished me happy birthday – I got very over excited

I turned 27 this week and for some reason it sounds scarier than any other age! I think it’s because it’s now officially “late 20’s” and being a mum to a toddler it feels like I should be a grown up. I don’t feel like a grown up! I still feel like I need my mum to cook me tea after school…well she does, but now it’s after work haha!

This is so me!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not whinging about being oooold (ok I’ve said it but i am kinda joking) it’s just a bit bizzare feeling like an adult, and also wondering why it’s taken so long to feel this way. I’ve been responsible for a tiny human for almost 2 years but now that he’s a toddler it seems like more responsibility than having a little baby. Toddlers have social lives, and activity schedules and so much ENERGY! Babies almost revolve around your own schedule. Not exactly all the time, but he was much more willing to do what I wanted when he couldn’t argue with me.

So to celebrate my 27th birthday I’m going to share 27 things about me, that you may or may not know.
1. I’ve always wanted a big family, lot’s of children.

2. After just one I’m not sure I’m cut out for the 6 plus I’d always said I wanted, but I’d like more in the near future.

3.I’m left handed.

4. I have a very vivid imagination, I get totally enthralled in books and they become very real (or I want them to! Who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts!?)

5. My first ‘proper’ boyfriend is now my husband. This year we’ll have been together 11 years.

6. I have an abnormal obsession with to do lists. And never finishing them.

7. On paper I’m so organised, lists to do, to buy, to go etc, but almost always forget to look at them.

8. The first school I went to was welsh speaking and wish I’d been able to go to another welsh speaking school when we moved.

9. Because of this I’ve always had a big interest in learning to speak welsh, but my reading and written welsh is better than my speaking and listening.

10. I didn’t watch the first series (I mean the ‘new’ series’) of Doctor Who first time round. My husband introduced me and I’m now a huge Whovian.

11. I love my cordless Dyson more than is natural.

12. We talked about baby names pretty much since me and my husband got together. We have only ever completely agreed on one boys’ name. If we have another 5 kids I’m terrified theyre all going to be boys and we wont be able to name them.

13. I’m still pretty scared of the dark.

14. I could watch Sweet Home Alabama everyday.

15. I was involved in a lot of ametuer dramatics but havent done anything for a few years.

16. I’m a big tv and film addict, and probably watch at least one film (at home) a week.

17. I couldn’t choose my favourite food becasue I love it too much (hence joining slimming world) but would never say no to spagetti bolognese.

18. When I was very young my dream job was a ballerining pig farmer. I’d worked out that I’d practise the ballet whilst scattering food to the pigs.

19. I pick up peoples accents uncontrolably. I cant stop it and it can be very embarassing.

20. As hard as it can be, being a Mum is the best thing I’ve ever done.

21. One of my favourite holidays was to Las Vegas. I still miss the place and would go back tomorrow.

22. I constantly want to change my hair colour but never manage the up keep. I’m kind of lazy.

23. I dont think childbirth is the most painful thing I’ve ever done. I think being high as a kite on gas and air might have helped this thought.

24. I’ve moved house around 15 times, over 3 different countries. I’ve only lived in one house more than 3 years.

25. I’m completely addicted to fizzy drinks, mostly coke and pepsi max.

26. I used to have a season ticket to Cardiff City football.

27. This was easier than I thought it would be…and I have to stop before there’s 50 plus not overly interesting facts!

Birthday slippers :)

Looking forward to whatever new (and hopefully interesting) new facts the future holds

Mrs H xxx

A Dodgy Leg, Too Much Tv and Saviour Parents…

Can it really be almost a week since my last post, and only a Silent Sunday post at that?! My New Years resolution of at least one post a week already seems troubled! 

Recently though, I’ve really struggled to sit down and write anything as I’ve just been feeling rather down and a bit uninspired by everything. Sorry for myself is probably the phrase I would use. Or just sulky!


plaster off – not quite the “new boots” I wanted

As some of you may know I injured my leg just before Christmas, luckily it wasn’t broken, just ligament damage, however it’s left me quite limited in my abilities, for one at least. I’ve been wearing a splint boot so physical activity has been hindered. Not only has this meant that days out or activities have been axed, it also means what I’ve been able to do around the house has been limited too. 

This week Mr H has been busy in work, so it’s just been me and a toddler most of the time. No option of transport and no possibility of me walking anywhere. There was next to no chance of us getting out of the house anyway but the weather cemented the fact that we were going to be house bound for a little while at least.

It’s not brilliant being housebound without a choice anyway, it’s even less fun when you have to keep a small hurricane amused too! 

organised chaos

I have invented lots of fun ‘games’ which, to his credit, G has humoured me greatly! Most of these games are a thinly veiled disguise of playing fetch. I realise that this is something intended for our four legged doggy friends, however desperate times call for desperate measures! There have also been several “can you pass mummy the….green train/dinosaur/orange block” games which he doesn’t tire too easily of. As well as driving the trains over mummy’s head games, which I’ve endured for as long as possible as it seems to really make him laugh. Mostly when I’m yelling in pain when my hair has got caught in a wheel. Again.

assessing the new Mr Tumble episodes

We’ve also watched more telly than is recommended for an almost 2 year old. But that’s never really bothered me. We often watch it together and talk and learn about different things. And he can dance along to lots of songs too, as well as jumping, waving, moving about and even yoga. I really recommend CBeebies for a great range of educational and fun shows for preschoolers. It’s been a great teaching prompt for me, especially whilst I’ve been limited in my movement. 

The house itself has suffered greatly whilst I’ve been out of action. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not great at keeping the house tidy anyway, but with the craziness of Christmas and New Year and my limping about tiring easily, the house has suffered more than ever! To the extent that we couldn’t even use the table to sit and craft, let alone eat at. 
My angel of a mother came around on Thursday and helped clean and tidy the whole house top to bottom! She even cleaned the oven! I don’t know where we’d be without her and my Dad, especially since the accident and Mr H being back in work. 
They’ve been invaluable, making sure that we’re fed, doing laundry for us and most importantly with childcare for G. Even my Dad has had a full Sunday on his own with G whilst I was at work! I knew he could, but the confidence, or indeed the need hasn’t been there. 
Unfortunately for him there’s no excuse now! Though I don’t think he’d ever complain about a day playing trains with his little best mate.

all hands on deck!

Now that mum has helped tidy everything away, I’m really looking forward to some craft projects with G this week. Nothing structured, just messy fun. I’m sure we’ve got an unused Toucan Box stashed away too.
And as my leg keeps improving I’m hoping that some trips out are in our near future. I’m even craving a trip to a soft play! At least there I can mostly watch as he burns off some energy. I just need to work on getting there, and being able to chase him when it’s time to go! 

 G gets to spend some of this weekend with his other grandparents Nan and Pops, his beloved Uncle H and his ‘big’ cousin (who’s 14 months older than him), so I’m really happy that he’ll be out and about getting some much needed fresh air and a change of scenery. 

I’ll be in work, but planning for a much more positive week ahead and some new games! 

What do you with your children on rainy days or days you can’t leave the house?

Mrs H xxx