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Half Term Fun – The Little Mermaid


Many of you are now halfway through the week, and halfway through half term. G has not reached school age yet, so we are still free from the term time scheduling, but if you are one of the many parents out there who have to find plenty to do and entertain your little lovelies then I know just the treat for the end of your half term week!

After a long and possibly fraught week of half term “fun”, an end of the week treat could be just the incentive your little angels might need. And the thought of a little time sat down is surely and incentive for us tired out parents!

An incredibly talented young cast from The Talent Shack, Shelley Norton Stage School, are bringing this classic story to life and taking us on a journey under the sea with a fantastic performance of The Little Mermaid. With all the well loved Disney classics, you’ll all be humming along and are guaranteed to leave with that happy Disneyfied fairy dust feeling.

The cast are aged only from 7-18 which is lovely for your children to watch, and relate even more with the cast and their characters. Their age does not, however, put a limit on their talents though! You’ll be in awe of what these young performers can; adults and children alike will be entranced by their energetic and enthusiastic production.

There’s one performance Friday evening, one Saturday afternoon and one Saturday evening. With only a few performances I’d recommend booking your tickets soon!

Do you have plans to visit the theatre this half term? What shows would your littles most like to see?
Mrs H xxx

G’s First Swimming Lesson


Hurry up Mum! I need to go splash!

We went for a free taster lesson with Water Babies and G had a brilliant time! I wasn’t sure what to expect, what we’d be doing or whether G would enjoy a structured lesson rather than just splashing about.

I thought maybe we’d splash about on the sidelines and watch what a lesson was all about but we were encouraged to join in straight away. The instructor was really friendly and welcoming, and assured us to just join in as much as we could or as G wanted to. No pressure to ‘fit in’ straight away at all. There’s lots of songs and movements to join in with and swimming ‘actions’ to learn, kicking legs etc and G started to pick things up much sooner than I was expecting. Because the lessons are so relaxed and fun it’s more like joining in with a toddler play group but in the water.

Not too far into the lesson we had to stand at the side of the pool and let our littles go whilst they swam to the instructor. It was only a distance of about 2-3 feet and I thought we’d be told to miss it out because we hadn’t been before, but our turn came and I struggled not to have a complete mummy break down, letting my precious baby boy go in the water. Of course he was fine and had a big beaming smile on his face when he swam back to me.

locking everything up safe

I was so surprised at how much he joined in, solo swimming, ‘diving’ off the side, running over a large float and jumping into the pool. The only thing I couldn’t get him to join in with was using a hoop weight as a car steering wheel! Why steer when you can launch it across the pool and make a big splash! At 45-50 minutes long it’s the longest time he’s ever spent in the swimming pool, and I think he’d have stayed even longer. He enjoyed it so much. He cried a little when we had to go get changed, “more splash Mum?” It was so good to know we were right about swimming lessons for G!

new ‘monster’ pouches are a great size for toddlers!

The most important thing to remember for post swim (apart from a warm fluffy towel of course) is a big snack! G was ravenous waiting for me to get changed. He inhaled a pouch of raspberry yogurt and a pot of raisins. Thankfully our favourite NomNom Pouches have released a new design and bigger size, they’re perfect to fill up with lots of delicious smoothies and yogurts for a post swim snack. They’re also fairly mess free and G can hold it and control it, meaning I’m left alone for 2 minutes to get myself dressed. Handy when you have to actually leave the building. No one wants to see a half dressed parent wrapped in a towel trying to hold it up one handed and juggle a toddler to the car!

We’re going to have lots of fun practising all of the new songs and skills when we start lessons soon!

Have you taken your toddlers swimming? What’s their favourite post swim snack?

Mrs H xxx

First Trimester…2nd Time Round

It’s nothing that hasn’t been said before, many have written, tweeted, blogged about it. First trimester is frigging hard!! Even doing nothing is hard. Your body is growing a person and its bloody tiring! Even a walk up the stairs can leave you out of breath and needing a quick sit down. It can be so frustrating being that tired out all the time. But first time round, apart from when I was in work, I could have a little nap, a lie down or just chill out for half hour. 
This time it’s a bit different. Toddlers don’t understand resting and unplanned naps. And they still expect to be fed and bathed at the right times. Selfish little sods!

Talking of being fed, trying to plan G’s meals has been a lot harder the last few weeks. Its hard making and planning lunch when you’re not sure if you can stomach chopping up chicken or smelling peanut butter. Cue lots of retching and a confused and worried toddler! Poor little dude looks so worried and all I can do is try and swat him away until it stops and then give him lots of cuddles when it’s over. 
When you’re just two it must be a weird thing to watch and not understand.

Talking of retching (pregnancy is soooo glam isn’t it!?) I can’t brush my teeth without having a major retch attack. It’s frustrating because it’s not exactly something you can stop for a few weeks. Seriously, I can just about manage my front two teeth but any more than those and I can’t stop! 
Pregnant with your first you can endure these little annoyances in peace. This time? I know have an almost two year old stood next to me brushing his teeth and making very loud fake retching noises. 


I’m looking forward to the second trimester promise of more energy!

Mrs H xxx