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Favourite Foods – #Blogtober16 Day 19

I don’t even know where to start on this one!

I’m not a size 8, and I never will be, because I love food a lot, probably a bit too much.

Asking me to choose a favourite is almost as bad as Sophie’s Choice ;) 

I guess if I absolutely had to choose it would be pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever turned down the chance for pizza, or ever not “felt like it” and at least you can change up the toppings to vary it a bit. 

For a “home cooked” meal I will never turn down a lamb dinner, preferably with mashed potato and proper gravy and lots of mint sauce, or Mr H’s famous lasagne (seriously amazing stuff and requested for every family event, gathering and trip). 

I’ll have to stop there because a) I could go on forever and b) I’m starting to get hungry! 

Mrs H xxx 


Zodiac Sign – #Blogtober16 Day 18 

I’m an Aquarius, which is the water carrier. Which is also really confusing because apparently it’s an air sign!? How is the water carrier an air sign?!

I consider myself fairly hippyish when it comes to things like being aware of full moons, using Amber for teething, planting lavender for luck etc and I used to read my horoscopes in magazines and papers all the time.

But of course I’d only believe them or relate to them if they were nice.

As for the kind of person you’re supposed to be because of your sign, I’ve never really noticed or looked into what that should be.

A brief Google search tells me that an Aquarius is philanthropic and humanitarian, which I wouldn’t say was untrue at all, but possibly not my strongest focus.

It also says I’m not great at displaying emotion, which is massively untrue. I can cry at an advert let alone a sad film! 

Mrs H xxx 


Favourite Concert You Attended – #Blogtober16 Day 17 

I can’t say I’ve been to many concerts over the years. I enjoy them when I’m there but it’s never a big deal to actually go.

I really wanted to go to the McFly concerts this year, but I could only get standing tickets which was not at all realistic being about 7 months pregnant at the time.

I’d probably say my favourite concert I’ve been to is a Boyzone concert a few years ago. Proper cheesy but I love them and I’m not ashamed to say that an album still features in my cars’ playlist selection. 

I’d choose this concert as my favourite because I got to go with my cousin. 

We loved the band when we were little, so it was really fun to enjoy and reminisce about childhood memories and sing along again. It was funny to remember who we had crushes on as little girls and how that had changed. 

We both had a thing for Stephen, and aged about 6/7 were both convinced we had a chance at marrying him in the future…my cousin had priority of course because she was older than me. Turned out neither of us had a chance!
We were really close as young kids, but as we’ve got older we don’t spend as much time together, obviously life is different for both of us and it’s inevitable it’ll happen, so it was lovely to enjoy the experience together.

It was also the last concert tour Boyzone did with all of the band members, before Steven tragically passed away, which in hindsight is really special to have got to see them. 

Mrs H xxx


Piercings and Tattoos – #Blogtober16 Day 16 

I love tattoos. I’ve even got a board on Pinterest for my favourite tattoo ideas. I’d be covered in them if I went for every idea that I love. 

They’re so intricate and detailed, at least the good ones are! Such works of art.

So how many have I got if I love them so much? Uh…none! 

I got my mum to take me for my first tattoo when I was 17, a very swirly, arty butterfly, but they wouldn’t do it until I was 18, despite my mum being there saying she gave permission.

So I’d go back at 18 and get it done…except 17 year old me seemed to be a lot braver than 18 year old me, or any me since! 

I’ve totally wimped out! I’d still really love one, but I’m worried I’d choose the wrong thing or have it in a place I wish I could change, I’m quite a fickle person and I worry I’d regret it long term. 

I was going to get a small one for my birthday last January (a deathly hallows symbol because I LOVE Harry Potter and that’s not changed for a very long time) but then I found out I was pregnant so maybe next year.

Piercings, I’ve only got my ears pierced. I wanted to get my tongue pierced many years ago but found out I have a tongue tie so it’s not possible (also probably why I wasn’t very good at breast feeding when I was a baby!).

I was going to get a daith piercing as they’re supposed to help with migraines, and I suffer terribly. I’ve no idea if it actually helps, but after suffering for over 20 years with migraines I’ll try anything!

Again pregnancy put a stop to that piercing for the time being. 

Maybe next birthday I’ll suddenly get lots of piercings and a full sleeve of tattoos!? Doubtful…I’ll probably still be a wimp :D 

Mrs H xxx


What’s In My Fridge? – #Blogtober16 Day 13

Honestly? Not a lot! 
Despite my intentions to start meal planning a couple of weeks ago, I’ve still not got my head round getting it organised. 

I’m hoping to get an online shop sorted soon so at least we’ll be stocked up when Baby gets here. More than likely it’ll include a fair few ready meals, just to make sure we actually do eat! 

I’m looking forward to lots of lovely Autumn meals. There is currently a lasagne waiting in the fridge, which is a start I guess! 

I can’t wait to make a big batch of Chorizo and Beef chilli too, one of my favourite Autumn meals.

Really I dream of having a fully stocked fridge…but if it’s full, it’s probably mostly mouldy!!

Mrs H xxx