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Favourite Animal – #Blogtober16 Day 11 

I love lots of animals; I mean who can resist cute kittens, puppies and talking parrots? I also think snakes are really cute too!

But my absolute favourite are penguins! If we are looking to visit a zoo I will always want to check if they have penguins there. One of our favourite family days out is to Folly Farm in West Wales, and we will always visit the penguins at least twice.

They’re so cute and funny, and I find them fascinating to watch whether they are waddling about on land or diving through the water for fish.
G’s favourite toy came from our first trip to Folly Farm as a family and he loves ‘Waddles’ so much. I feel so proud that he probably heads up as his favourite furry friend, though he has lots of them.

Having a bad day? Penguin documentaries or videos on YouTube will always make everything happier.

Mrs H xxx


One Thing You Can’t Live Without – #Blogtober16 Day 10

I wasn’t sure whether to approach this from a sentimental point of view, materialistic or humorous, so I thought I’d write about all 3.

Sentimental – it’s obvious, of course it is, but I cannot live without my family. My husband and my children are everything. I never thought that I could love anyone this much, at least outside of the family that I was lucky enough to be born into. But my husband truly is my best friend, and I get overwhelmed thinking about the tribe we are creating together.

Pregnancy emotions or not, I get all teary and happy.

Apart from our immediate tribe, we absolutely couldn’t live without our families, in particular parents. From financial to emotional support and everything in between, we are beyond lucky and particularly blessed to have the back up that we do.

I hope one day we can repay them, but with all the support we receive, that could never happen! Hopefully they know just how much we truly appreciate everything that they do for us. (Parents, if you’re reading…SERIOUSLY, YOU ARE THE GREATEST!)

Materialistic – I should probably be ashamed at how much I rely on my phone. And there are many times when I think I need one of those new timer locked boxes that stops you reaching for your phone. The fact that those boxes even exist is probably a sign that we all need to give them up a little. But these days’ phones do so much I would actually struggle day to day without it.

Of course I could physically live without it, but I certainly wouldn’t be so organised. And I am NOT organised, so imagine just how bad I could be!?

At almost any time I can access support groups, write a blog post, capture a memory, get medical advice (always take Dr Google with a pinch of salt) or speak to a friend. I may not literally die without my phone, but it certainly can be a life line.

Humorous – air! None of us could live without it ;) ok so I’m not that funny

Mrs H xxx


Favourite Movie You Never Get Sick Of – #Blogtober16 Day 9


Following on from yesterdays post, films are another addiction! We love going to the cinema but don’t get to go as often as we used to. Last year we were lucky enough to receive cinema vouchers for Christmas so made more effort to actually go out, but mostly we watch a lot of films at home.


We try and watch something different (that’s not always worked out so well…there are some BAD films out there!) but there’s a few fall back films that we can always watch.

Stepmom – despite the ending, which is guaranteed to make me sob, it is a lovely family film, especially good at this time of year. It’s a total autumn film.

The Mummy – the Brendan Fraser version, this was my ‘home from school sick’ film and is still such an easy watch. I can quote most of the script before it happens, and always gives me a giggle, even when I’m not feeling too great.

Back To The Future Trilogy – technically this would be Mr H’s choice, he could watch these films over and over. I’m not sure I even watched them before we were together, but I enjoy them just as much now, and they’re always good for a rainy weekend.



The more I write the more films I can think of. Hook, The Goonies, anything Disney, Music and Lyrics, Grown Ups, Christmas films! Did I mention that I’m possibly a film addict?


I’m going to stop listing now before this post becomes 120348937 pages of our film collection!


I can’t wait to read everyone else’s favourite films!


Mrs H xxx


Favourite TV Programmes – #Blogtober Day 8


As a self confessed TV addict this should be an easy post, but trying to narrow it down isn’t easy!

Right now if I had to choose just one it’d be Grey’s Anatomy. I missed they hype first time round and have been catching up for the last couple of months. I started watching it as bit of filler when I had some free time, but instantly became completely involved emotionally! Honestly, the whatsapp messages between me and my sister in law read like we’re talking about real life drama.

It’s probably not been the best time to watch either, whilst pregnant. In fact a few people have commented that if I watch season 10 it may just send me in to labour (I’m halfway through season 9 so no spoilers!)

Both I and Mr H enjoy watching TV together; eastenders, criminal minds, doctor who, Mrs. Brown’s Boys, and probably more than I could even mention. But we also have a few programmes that we each watch that the other doesn’t. We tend to work unusual patterns so they’re good for times when the other isn’t home so we don’t miss out on ‘our’ programmes!

I feel like the TV addiction is only going to get a lot worse over the next few months! Hello night feeds :) 

Mrs H xxx


What Made You Start Blogging – #Blogtober16 Day 7

Honestly? I can’t remember!! It’s been a few years now since I started, and I think I’m on my second or third blog before settling here. I think it started when I was baking a lot, so it started as a recipe/baking blog. But I can’t remember turning into a parent/lifestyle blog.
I guess it just changed as my life did, evolve with me, and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

I can’t even remember exactly how long ago I started blogging. And it certainly wasn’t something I thought could become a lifestyle or career in me. But now, although I always feel I could be writing more frequently, it’s triggered a long lost passion for writing that I hadn’t thought of in a very long time, and is now something I would love to turn into a career. Maybe not the blog itself, but certainly as a writer. I’ve resurrected a few books I started writing many years ago, and have really enjoyed creating and developing those characters.

I may not remember why I started, but I know why I keep going. Quite simply. It makes me happy!

Mrs H xxx


Favourite Christmas/Birthday Present Ever – #Blogtober16 Day 6



I’ve been incredibly lucky over the years to have a lot of lovely presents for Christmas and my birthdays. But thinking of childhood presents one that really stands out is a twin pushchair. I had a thing for tandem pushchairs, or “one in the back and one in the fronts” as I called them…tandem is slightly less of a mouthful than my name! I used to spot them whenever we went out and about, pointing g and shouting to my mum that id seen one.

I think it was for Christmas that I got mine. It was mostly a turquoise green; with I think pink and purple patterns. Very 90’s. I was utterly in love!

And now that Baby Herniman 2 is on his way, I’ve really enjoyed shopping around for an actual grown up version of a “one in the back and one in the front”, though we’ve not settled on one yet, it’s almost like a childhood dream come true! It’s very funny and slightly bizarre all at the same time. This actually, describes being a parent pretty well!

Mrs H xxx


What Career Did You Have Planned as a Child – #Blogtober Day 5


I’ve almost always wanted to work in childcare. At first it was a baby sitter because I didn’t know there was any other option. Then as I got a bit older the dream turned into a nursery nurse. But my original dream career, aged about 4, had nothing to do with childcare at all. Nor is it something that I’ve, or anyone for that matter, been successful at since. Because aged 4, I dreamt of becoming…a Ballerining Pig Farmer! Well, didn’t you all!?

It was suggested that I’d have to pick between pig farming and becoming a ballet dancer, what with both jobs being pretty full on. I’d have to get up early to feed the pigs, and ballet dancers needed to practise a lot. But I had it all figured out. I’d practice my pirouettes whilst scattering the pig feed. Obviously!!

So it’s not exactly a dream that I’ve had come true. Apart from my distinct loathing of being that productive early in the morning, I also have absolutely zero dance skills…and a big lack of balance…or general fitness! Ah well. It was a nice dream once!

Mrs H xxx


Share a Secret About Yourself – #Blogtober16 Day 4

This is definitely one of the more difficult prompts for this challenge. There are possibly a few things that I’ve not shared with the world, personal and blogging (nothing scary – I’m not a secret mass murderer or anything!) but I feel this is more of a light hearted and happy challenge, and my ‘secrets’ are a bit more serious. Maybe one day there’ll be a time to share, but now isn’t it.

So I’ve been wracking my brain to think of what I can share that could be considered a secret. But being a bit of a social media whore and over sharer there’s not a lot that no one knows. There has been a nice little influx of new readers during this lovely challenge, so I thought I’d share a few odd facts about me….I hope I don’t scare any new readers off!

1. I don’t drink tea. Or coffee. I know for a Brit this is practically sacrilege, but I can’t stand the stuff. The smell of tea makes me heave. I do like the smell of coffee, but I just find the taste too strong. I really feel that I need to learn to embrace the double espresso once Baby Herniman 2 arrives! I’ve barely scraped through one baby ha-ha!!

2. I’m a terrible telly addict. I honestly find it really strange that people can go an entire day without watching any! It’s probably a terrible habit, and slowly turning my eyes square (if that old wives tale was true they’d have changed years ago!) but I enjoy it, and me and Mr H love sitting down and watching stuff together.

3. My ‘old’ hobby was amateur dramatics. I love musicals, singing and dancing. I’m an ok singer, in the sense I can hold a tune to join in with others, but my dancing is pretty terrible. I can’t really co ordinate my top half and bottom half to do what they’re supposed to at the same time. But I still really enjoy them. And I am an AMAZING singer in the car and shower! I haven’t been back to do any shows since I had G. I can’t organise myself enough to make it to weekly rehearsals for now, and I think that it’s only going to get worse with 2! One day I’m sure I’ll go back to it, as I really did enjoy them. But for now, my one woman (much too loud) musicals performed in the car or shower will keep me going :)

Mrs H xxx


If I Won the Lottery I Would… – #Blogtober16 Day 3 


This is one of the easiest topics for me! I can’t be the only one who makes plans for the lotto win we’ll have one day…despite the fact that we very rarely play…we’ll scoot over that bit.

Apart from the obvious holidays, cars, plastic surgery plans, themes only one big purchase that is really top of the list. A house!

We love our ‘home’ but it’s a rental house, and there’s always that small niggling fear at the back of my mind that they could give us notice to leave and we’d have to start all over again.

I don’t think we’d go for a ridiculously over sized mansion, as much as the dream would be nice, but a decent sized house with a few bedrooms, maybe an office, but most importantly a great big kitchen. A decent sized family kitchen with a huge double oven is my dream. Currently if I keep my elbows by my side I can still touch both counter tops, and I’ve never liked anything less than the glass hob top. The worst thing is it’s very hard to be able to do any cooking or baking with G, there’s just no room for him to stand or sit and join in. Sometimes we take bowls in to the living room to mix etc but the mess is ridiculous and inevitably ends up dragged right through downstairs…and upstairs!

There’d also be one other thing to go with the new house….a cleaner! I’m not a tidy person, no matter how much I try or dream of being that domestic goddess, and getting a bigger house would only get harder, so a cleaner would be lovely too.

Of course there’d be new cars wanted, lovely sunny holidays, new clothes and even laser eye surgery wanted too, but a family home of our own? Nothing could compare to that.

What would be first on your lotto win list?

Mrs H xxx


“An Old Photo of You” – #Blogtober16 Day 2

I’ve resorted to the good ‘Ol book of fave for this one!

Most of my really old, childhood photos are all over my parents flat, and I’ve just not had the time to go over a have a nose through. And by time I mean at least 18 hours! I’m a sucker for looking through old photos.

I love the memories they stir up, and the nostalgia for old times, giggles at clothes and hairstyles, and remembering old friends, family you’ve not seen for a while and those who are no longer with us. 

The photo I’ve chosen is the first ever photo of Mr H and myself, at a party at my (then) house when we first got together. It’s been just over 11 years now! 

We look so young!! It’s not the best quality because it was taken on a camera phone (I think it might have been a Motorola razr – remember those?!) and has been nabbed straight from Facebook, but I still love and treasure it.

Mrs H xxx