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Favourite Movie You Never Get Sick Of – #Blogtober16 Day 9


Following on from yesterdays post, films are another addiction! We love going to the cinema but don’t get to go as often as we used to. Last year we were lucky enough to receive cinema vouchers for Christmas so made more effort to actually go out, but mostly we watch a lot of films at home.


We try and watch something different (that’s not always worked out so well…there are some BAD films out there!) but there’s a few fall back films that we can always watch.

Stepmom – despite the ending, which is guaranteed to make me sob, it is a lovely family film, especially good at this time of year. It’s a total autumn film.

The Mummy – the Brendan Fraser version, this was my ‘home from school sick’ film and is still such an easy watch. I can quote most of the script before it happens, and always gives me a giggle, even when I’m not feeling too great.

Back To The Future Trilogy – technically this would be Mr H’s choice, he could watch these films over and over. I’m not sure I even watched them before we were together, but I enjoy them just as much now, and they’re always good for a rainy weekend.



The more I write the more films I can think of. Hook, The Goonies, anything Disney, Music and Lyrics, Grown Ups, Christmas films! Did I mention that I’m possibly a film addict?


I’m going to stop listing now before this post becomes 120348937 pages of our film collection!


I can’t wait to read everyone else’s favourite films!


Mrs H xxx


Favourite TV Programmes – #Blogtober Day 8


As a self confessed TV addict this should be an easy post, but trying to narrow it down isn’t easy!

Right now if I had to choose just one it’d be Grey’s Anatomy. I missed they hype first time round and have been catching up for the last couple of months. I started watching it as bit of filler when I had some free time, but instantly became completely involved emotionally! Honestly, the whatsapp messages between me and my sister in law read like we’re talking about real life drama.

It’s probably not been the best time to watch either, whilst pregnant. In fact a few people have commented that if I watch season 10 it may just send me in to labour (I’m halfway through season 9 so no spoilers!)

Both I and Mr H enjoy watching TV together; eastenders, criminal minds, doctor who, Mrs. Brown’s Boys, and probably more than I could even mention. But we also have a few programmes that we each watch that the other doesn’t. We tend to work unusual patterns so they’re good for times when the other isn’t home so we don’t miss out on ‘our’ programmes!

I feel like the TV addiction is only going to get a lot worse over the next few months! Hello night feeds :) 

Mrs H xxx


What Made You Start Blogging – #Blogtober16 Day 7

Honestly? I can’t remember!! It’s been a few years now since I started, and I think I’m on my second or third blog before settling here. I think it started when I was baking a lot, so it started as a recipe/baking blog. But I can’t remember turning into a parent/lifestyle blog.
I guess it just changed as my life did, evolve with me, and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

I can’t even remember exactly how long ago I started blogging. And it certainly wasn’t something I thought could become a lifestyle or career in me. But now, although I always feel I could be writing more frequently, it’s triggered a long lost passion for writing that I hadn’t thought of in a very long time, and is now something I would love to turn into a career. Maybe not the blog itself, but certainly as a writer. I’ve resurrected a few books I started writing many years ago, and have really enjoyed creating and developing those characters.

I may not remember why I started, but I know why I keep going. Quite simply. It makes me happy!

Mrs H xxx


Favourite Christmas/Birthday Present Ever – #Blogtober16 Day 6



I’ve been incredibly lucky over the years to have a lot of lovely presents for Christmas and my birthdays. But thinking of childhood presents one that really stands out is a twin pushchair. I had a thing for tandem pushchairs, or “one in the back and one in the fronts” as I called them…tandem is slightly less of a mouthful than my name! I used to spot them whenever we went out and about, pointing g and shouting to my mum that id seen one.

I think it was for Christmas that I got mine. It was mostly a turquoise green; with I think pink and purple patterns. Very 90’s. I was utterly in love!

And now that Baby Herniman 2 is on his way, I’ve really enjoyed shopping around for an actual grown up version of a “one in the back and one in the front”, though we’ve not settled on one yet, it’s almost like a childhood dream come true! It’s very funny and slightly bizarre all at the same time. This actually, describes being a parent pretty well!

Mrs H xxx


What Career Did You Have Planned as a Child – #Blogtober Day 5


I’ve almost always wanted to work in childcare. At first it was a baby sitter because I didn’t know there was any other option. Then as I got a bit older the dream turned into a nursery nurse. But my original dream career, aged about 4, had nothing to do with childcare at all. Nor is it something that I’ve, or anyone for that matter, been successful at since. Because aged 4, I dreamt of becoming…a Ballerining Pig Farmer! Well, didn’t you all!?

It was suggested that I’d have to pick between pig farming and becoming a ballet dancer, what with both jobs being pretty full on. I’d have to get up early to feed the pigs, and ballet dancers needed to practise a lot. But I had it all figured out. I’d practice my pirouettes whilst scattering the pig feed. Obviously!!

So it’s not exactly a dream that I’ve had come true. Apart from my distinct loathing of being that productive early in the morning, I also have absolutely zero dance skills…and a big lack of balance…or general fitness! Ah well. It was a nice dream once!

Mrs H xxx