So in typical Mrs H fashion, it’s last minute, rushed and slightly panicked, but I’m going to Britmums Live! 
I’m ridiculously excited and terrified all at once. I feel a little bit of a fraud, like I’m not good enough to join in with the ‘big’ bloggers, but then I’m also hoping it means I can learn lots from them. 

My name: 

I use Mrs H here, but I don’t expect anyone to actually call me that! Sarah is just fine, though I’d definitely answer to The Herniman House too.
My blog: 

The Herniman House
Find me on social media at:
How I look: 

Colossal! Ok so maybe I’m slightly smaller than that, but you’re sure to see my bump coming before you notice the rest of me. If tonight’s hair dying session goes well I’ll also have copper/brown hair. If it’s really bad I’ll be the one in a woolly hat all day long!
Is this my first blogging event:

 I’ve been to a couple of smaller local events, but this is my first time at such a big event. I’m feeling quite sick, very excited, but nervous too.
I will be wearing

Whatever is comfy! Definitely flat shoes and I’ll be digging out the nicest maternity tops I can find. Paired with my usual uniform of maternity jeans of course. I may take a dress (if I can find one that fits) for the awards in the evening.
What I hope to gain from #BML16: 

Knowledge! I’m looking forward to picking up lots of new tips and tricks, a whole load of inspiration, and most importantly connect with some fab people, bloggers and brands. I’d really like to make more of the blog in the coming year whilst on maternity leave, and really create something that I love and love working on. And if it could become a little business alongside my part time day job I would really love that. To have something to ‘work’ at that I enjoy and want to do is a lovely dream.
My tips for a great conference: 

Comfy shoes are my only tip so far. I’m not brilliant in anything other than flats even when I’m not pregnant, so it’s all I know for now. I look forward to picking up some great tips to pass on for future events.
I’m really excited for this weekend, I hope to get to speak to lots of you and meet you in person! Please come say hi if you see me wandering around. Especially if I seem a bit dazed and confused, baby brain is a very real thing this week!

Mrs H xxx

*Thank you to Dr Browns for sponsoring my conference ticket!