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“Who Are You?” – #Blogtober16 Day 1

Hello all!! 

Once I get going I am a great talker (aka waffling on and on) but I’ve found this post really hard to get started for some reason. I’ve not really known where to start, or what to include about me. Is it interesting? Are you even bothered?? I suppose the the good thing about blogs is that you can skip on by if you’re not bothered, and it won’t hurt my feelings so much!!

First of all I’ll start with the most important thing about me is my family. I am a proud wife, mother to a toddler boy and soon I’ll be a mum to two boys, with Baby Herniman 2 due at the end of this month. 

We are really lucky to have close relationships with both mine and my husbands families, and they are all the most important things in my life.

Professionally I am an office administrator, part time, but would love to be able to turn writing into a future career, possibly publishing some short children’s stories that I am writing, or writing a personal column for a magazine. I would certainly need to learn to manage my productivity at home, I get far too distracted by lots of stuff, and dream of having a beautiful office to work from home in.

Picking just one random thing about me I thought coming into this time of year there’s one big thing you need to know about me right now. I am a major Christmas person! 

I love everything about the build up. The television adverts (I’m a self confessed tv addict), the festive colours, everything from nail varnish to cake sprinkles needs to be red or green and preferably glittery. 
The carol concerts, cheesy films, gingerbread baking, list making, dinner planning…ok you get the idea! 

It’s all about spending time together, making plans and generally just getting over excited about it all. 

This year it’s going to be very interesting, from the planning to the actual day, we’ll have a newborn baby joining our little tribe, so it’s all going to be a bit different. I’m sure I’ll be keeping you all updated during the night/early morning feeding sessions. Wide awake social media club here I come!

I’m going to stop here, before this turns completely random or self indulgent! If you do happen to have any burning questions you’d like to know about me please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment. 

Mrs H xxx


#Blogtober16 – An Introduction 

Anyone who’s actually managed to be a regular reader of mine (hands up, you deserve a chocolate bar at least!) will know that I really want to be an organised person, and an organised blogger. I set new aims and goals, I write lists, and I print stuff out to have a ‘visual kick up the backside’. And I pretty much fail every single time! But it’s the thought that counts right?!

Well here comes another plan…that I am going to be realistic about, and say from the start that this is not a challenge I’m likely to complete!! But hear me out…

Hex Mum Plus 1 is running a #Blogtober16 challenge. 

The aim is to publish a post every day in October. Again you beady eyed regulars may notice that a) I don’t have a great track record for challenges like this, and b) I’m never organised enough to write every week, let alone every day. But there’s a more important factor that I know is going to throw in a huge curve ball. I’m sort of due to have a baby in October!! So why would I start such a full on challenge at a crazy time? Why not!? My blogging and writing mojo has been seriously lacking lately.

 I’ve got a whole page in my journal dedicated to topics that I want to write, and the posts are lingering inside my head too, but I just can’t seem to find the time and the words to turn them into actual posts. I’m worried that if I leave it any longer to get some of my mojo back, that it’s going to be lost indefinitely, throughout the squishy baby newborn haze, and maybe it won’t return.

I don’t mean that I’m stressing about writing for anyone else, but I really enjoy having my little corner of the blogging world, and I miss it when it’s not going well. So to potentially lose control for the rest of the year does upset me a little. It’s my non official job, that I absolutely love to do and I want to keep it!

Having a list of topics to write about throughout #Blogtober16 is going to give me something to fill in the days that I’m struggling, they’re lovely little titles that can be quick posts, useful to get to know me a bit better (assuming you want to…if you don’t…well that’s a bit tough ;) ) and hopefully I can get a few written down and scheduled too, and it may help bridge the gap for when Baby Herniman 2 arrives and completely throws me off course!

Have you ever complete a Blogtober or possibly Blogmas challenge? Have you got any tips for me to keep me blogging (especially new baby related)?

Mrs H xxx


The Herniman House is Going to #BML16!

 So in typical Mrs H fashion, it’s last minute, rushed and slightly panicked, but I’m going to Britmums Live! 
I’m ridiculously excited and terrified all at once. I feel a little bit of a fraud, like I’m not good enough to join in with the ‘big’ bloggers, but then I’m also hoping it means I can learn lots from them. 

My name: 

I use Mrs H here, but I don’t expect anyone to actually call me that! Sarah is just fine, though I’d definitely answer to The Herniman House too.
My blog: 

The Herniman House
Find me on social media at:
How I look: 

Colossal! Ok so maybe I’m slightly smaller than that, but you’re sure to see my bump coming before you notice the rest of me. If tonight’s hair dying session goes well I’ll also have copper/brown hair. If it’s really bad I’ll be the one in a woolly hat all day long!
Is this my first blogging event:

 I’ve been to a couple of smaller local events, but this is my first time at such a big event. I’m feeling quite sick, very excited, but nervous too.
I will be wearing

Whatever is comfy! Definitely flat shoes and I’ll be digging out the nicest maternity tops I can find. Paired with my usual uniform of maternity jeans of course. I may take a dress (if I can find one that fits) for the awards in the evening.
What I hope to gain from #BML16: 

Knowledge! I’m looking forward to picking up lots of new tips and tricks, a whole load of inspiration, and most importantly connect with some fab people, bloggers and brands. I’d really like to make more of the blog in the coming year whilst on maternity leave, and really create something that I love and love working on. And if it could become a little business alongside my part time day job I would really love that. To have something to ‘work’ at that I enjoy and want to do is a lovely dream.
My tips for a great conference: 

Comfy shoes are my only tip so far. I’m not brilliant in anything other than flats even when I’m not pregnant, so it’s all I know for now. I look forward to picking up some great tips to pass on for future events.
I’m really excited for this weekend, I hope to get to speak to lots of you and meet you in person! Please come say hi if you see me wandering around. Especially if I seem a bit dazed and confused, baby brain is a very real thing this week!

Mrs H xxx

*Thank you to Dr Browns for sponsoring my conference ticket!