I’m starting a new series on The Herniman House; Friday Favourites.

Ending the week with a little happiness and hopefully spreading a little bit of joy with 5 of my favourite things.

Topics are going to vary and cover lots of things, from my favourite blogs to read or Instagrams to see,to my favourite books, local restaurants, crafts and everything in between. Sometimes it’ll be to share some info or just to share some joy.

I think it’s going to be nice to be able to have a happy post and spread a little bit of happiness and love at the end of a long week.

So to kick it off I’m going to start with my 5 favourite instagram accounts for instastories (there’s absolutely LOADS I love, so I’m certain that this won’t be the only Friday Favourites about instagram, but these are my top 5 this week)

Teen Tween Toddler – always number one on my stories feed. Her stories are honest, funny, emotional and I just love having an insight into day to day life. Her children are so gorgeous and funny (and occasionally terrors, which I can feel all the solidarity with!)

And I can’t ignore our obvious connection, we both LOVE Harry Potter!! And a Harry Potter Primark haul! Perfect!

Instagram @teentweentoddler

Nomipalony – this beautiful Geordie is funny, honest and teaches me so much about the path of feminism. She’s wonderfully honest about all things breastfeeding, periods and parenting. And her patient and positive parenting is really inspiring to me.

Instagram @nomipalony

Candice Braithwaite – if you’re not following Candice by now you absolutely need to go and follow her NOW! No one has been more honest about pregnancy and postpartum life.

Her “Teatime” talks are honest and genuinely help teach and inspire people of so many life issues. And she is the founder and writer of “Make Motherhood Diverse” championing a space to highlight all stories of motherhood, from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.

Instagram @candicebraithwaite

Hi Baby Blog – I have a total woman crush on this wonderful human. The hardest working woman I think I know, and she does it all with pretty much ZERO childcare! As lovely as her little one is (I could listen to Lu talk aaaallll day long! Super sweet, and that accent?! Too cute!!) to achieve everything she does whilst looking after a small child is amazing.

Another account that inspires me with her honesty and her example of gentle parenting.

Instagram @hibaby.blog

(Can you sense my theme yet?!)

Toby And Roo – this supermum of three tops off my list of honest and inspiring women. Sharing the deepest, darkest details of her life as well as all the stuff you didn’t know you needed to know about life with kids. And to be able to watch her juggle working mum life and hear her honest stories about triumphs and fails is just the thing we, parents especially, need to see.

Instagram @tobyandroo
Please feel free to join in with Friday Favourites (it may turn into a linky one day!) and share your top 5, either using my theme for the week or sharing your own. And if you tag me to let me know I’ll share them over social media too.

Mrs H xxx

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