A bit odd right? But it’s true. 

Parties always happen in kitchens. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Just two cliches that I LONG for. 

I cook less than I ever have. Relying on simple dishes for the kids and lots of convenience foods. But I always wanted to be that woman, in that kitchen, whipping up huge family sized portions of delicious food, and storing the leftovers in the freezer for lazy days. 

I still love cooking. I just don’t love doing it in my kitchen. 

It is the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. And though we really like where we live, I’d move in a heartbeat if only because of the kitchen. 

G loves to help cook, but I rarely let him, purely because of how little space there is. Wherever he is it’s far too close to the oven and hob, and I’m constantly worried that one wrong move will end up in a trip to a&e. 

There’s no way two people can cook together, which is a real shame because myself and Mr H can make a really good team. But even just flicking the kettle on whilst the other stirs the saucepan leaves us trapped and jostling for space. 
Just a handful of dirty plates and cutlery, waiting to go in the already full dishwasher, takes over the whole side. It is a constant battle to keep on top of the mess. 

A battle that I lose daily and it really can get me down. 

Of course I dream of huge elaborate kitchens, with a central island and space for ALL the appliances. But honestly, I’d just be happy to have a bit more space, just so the kids can get involved, we can bake together (without my patience being tested to the limits purely because he is 5 inches away from the oven!) and I can rediscover my love for cooking again. 

I get that cooking daily for family is not always going to be enjoyable, wherever I’m cooking, but I wish I could dread it just a little bit less. 

What room in your house would you change if you could?

Mrs H xxx

Note: just in case it wasn’t obvious, none of these photos are of my kitchen! I wish!! Thanks UnSplash ;) 


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  1. I’m so glad we were able to get a new kitchen diner when we moved house – I love it and there is so much space for the kids to help. I hope you get your dream kitchen one day. #blogtober

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