The first week of school went like an absolute dream. 

G flew in without a glance back. I was left fighting back the tears but he loved it.

But by week two it all changed. The realisation that this was a weekly event and the fear of missing out on what was happening at home (a nap, a Tesco shop and a bit of blogging…woop woop!!) 

So “incentives” were brought in. Aka I started bribery. All the bribery. Time on my phone, sweets (at the school gate…mother of the year award coming my way!) and the chance to choose a “special treat” for the first day he wasn’t in school. There were lots of options, days out, favourite foods etc. 

But I’d recently won a hamper of “film night” stuff from Three Network at Blog On. It contained a blanket, phone projector, popcorn maker, popcorn boxes and loads of other stuff to make the perfect film night. And that was G’s choice. And to watch the Grinch. 

We put B to bed as soon as possible so that G got to have time by himself. He loved it, and so did we, because we got to spend some quality one on one time with him. I didn’t realise just how little quality solo time we’ve had with him lately. 

Now when we mention choosing an activity for the week, having a “night film”, as G calls it, is top of his list.

And I’m definitely not complaining!

How do you make one on one time for your kids?

Mrs H xxx


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