*this post contains items that I have been sent or previously sent to review. I will clearly state which items these are. All opinions and thoughts are my own*

Over the last 4 years (so not ok with saying I have a 4 year old *sobs*) we’ve got to use a lot of different travel products and I’m starting to know what we really need and what we can do without taking up suitcase space.

Recently we went on what’s becoming our annual family holiday to Portugal and we’re very lucky to be looking forward to a couple of staycations, camping trips and a holiday to France later this year. Packing space isn’t going to be excessive for any of these trips so these 5 products really are my must haves.

Babymule changing bag – I was sent this to review just before B was born and it’s still an essential these days, possibly even more so with two young children!

It’s the perfect bag to use for carry on luggage and for day trips. The different compartments and accessories mean I can pack plenty for everyone and access it all. The separate bag, I use for nappies and wipes, is perfect for a quick dash to the loos or to pass to someone else taking them to get changed without having to take the entire bag or pull everything out in the search for stuff.

Diono buggy buddy – there’s a fair few different brands of these organisers, but this is the one we use and love since G was tiny.

It always hangs at the right angle whenever the pushchair handles are adjusted, and it’s got a great amount of space to be able to hold some essentials. It’s also got two cup holders for yours or the kids’ drinks.

Nom Nom snack pouches – we’ve previously reviewed both the purée pouches and snack pouches and have been brand reps for them too, and I still can’t fault them. Snacks are an essential part of keeping everyone happy on holiday (and at home!) and these are a brilliant way to pack an easy to grab selection. And when they’re pressed closed they really are super strong, which means snacks aren’t exploding all over the place.

Nuby Flip It Beakers – there’s lots of cups and beakers we’ve tried and use in the house, but I’ve found these to be my favourite when traveling.

They’re suitable to be used by both kids, less arguments about who’s is who’s, and the straw can be closed easily to keep it cleaner. And it doesn’t leak much when launched across a restaurant *facepalm*.

Snoozeshade – we were recently sent the Snoozeshade plus deluxe to review, but we’ve been using the original for years and it’s just brilliant. It’s fantastic to have the reassurance that the children are able to have some safe space out of the sun and a darkened place to nap on the go.

The deluxe plus (not surprisingly) is even better than the original. The double front panels are perfect for nosey children (oh hi B!) to be able to see out but have some cover and sun protection even when not asleep, so there’s no need to take the whole shade off which is what we used to have to do. Now the shade can stay on, great for days out in the sun, and just close up the panels for an on the go nap.

It’s also great for light rain showers, so when packing space is limited I can get away without packing a rain cover.

There’s definitely a lot more that I like to pack for trips and holidays, but these are the 5 items that I really REALLY don’t like to be without. In fact on our recent trip to Portugal we didn’t take a Snoozeshade with us, and I genuinely missed having it every day we went out. I will not be making that mistake again!

What are your holiday essentials that you cannot be without?

Mrs H xxx

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