“Date nights” seem to be a fashionable thing in recent years. Or at least the term is. I’m fairly certain couples we’re going out and doing things together 20-30 years ago, not sat in being miserable until someone coined the term date night and then thought “aye alright then let’s go out!”. 

But nowadays it seems more important than ever to make sure you have these lunches, trips out or even quiet takeaway nights in together. Make time for each other. 

Lives are so much busier than they ever were. Both sides of a relationship are working, and usually long hours, whilst juggling housework, friendships, children, hobbies. The list goes on! 

It’s harder since we’ve had children, but Mr H and I have been having date nights for years. His job has always been “unsociable hours” and unpredictable. Some weeks he may be home, some he’ll work evenings and some weeks (especially October-January) he can be working days and evenings, week on week. So we make time now and then to go and do something together, whether it’s go for food or to the cinema or theatre. 

This past year especially, a lot of “dates” have been a takeaway and a catch up with the Sky planner. Not exactly glamorous, but it’s quality time together. And more often than not it turns into a mammoth conversation and catch up with what’s happening for each other, or a “song-off” where we reminisce about our favourite 80’s or 90’s or cheesy R n B throw backs. I highly recommend this, just search something random in the music store app and it’ll snowball. “Remember this?! Oh not this, this was awful!! *cringe*” It’s guaranteed to give us the giggles. 

Elaborate trips or cheap and cheerful evenings at home, making time to just be a couple is really important, and important for yourself as an individual too.

Do you date? What kind of dates are your favourite?

Mrs H xxx


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  1. Aww, it’s lovely that you have date nights. The closest we get is watching an episode of Designated Survivor! We really need to get my mum babysitting :) #blogtober

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