Just a short post today. It may only be day two but I failed to prepare so am throwing this together last minute. 

I did say that there may be some short, photo based posts ;) 

So today’s Blogtober prompt title is Babies. And by the end of this month I won’t have a baby any more. Ok, so they will always ALWAYS be my babies, but I mean chronologically B will not be a baby. 

To be fair he hasn’t been a baby for a long time now. He’s been on the move longer than he was stationery. He’s never been that small, but he’s super tall and already measuring up to other children at playgroup. He’s learning so much every single day. 

But these photos from today’s supermarket trip really made me stop in my tracks. G is looking more grown up all the time, there’s barely a trace of the toddler he was. No chubby wrists or fluffy hair. He’s a little boy now. And B is looking more like a toddler than the baby. His face is thinning and less squishy, his features more child than baby.


It’s bittersweet. Of course I couldn’t be happier, watching them both learn and grow, watching them develop into the strong personalities they have. But when they’re drifting off to sleep in my arms I soak up all the baby-like cwtches I can. Before they really aren’t happy to be my “babies” anymore. 

Mrs H xxx


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