This is not the post I had planned to write today, but as I seem to be last minute Larry and forget to finish editing my post I’m going to have a quick rant about something that really wound me up today!

Myself, Mr H and B ended up going to a Wetherspoons for lunch today. Before we left to drive the half hour home I took B to change his nappy. We traipsed to the toilets upstairs but found no changing facilities. Not even a space next to the sink where I could at least lay him (and anti bac after of course!). A lovely woman informed me that the changing facilities were downstairs (annoying but not world ending) in the disabled toilets.

Here comes ranting point number one…. WHY ARE WE STILL PUTTING BABY CHANGING IN THE DISABLED LOOS???? Seriously?! Oh can get really compact ones, they fold down, they will fit in the standard toilets. Stop making me use a vital disabled facility to change a small child’s bum!! It is unfair on anyone who rightfully needs to use it.

Reluctantly I headed back downstairs. I’d have resorted to laying him on the floor but one of the loos has flooded and there was patches of water and grubby shoe marks everywhere. Fine, I’d use the disabled loo as fast as I could.

And this is when I encountered rage making point number two….it was locked. Up on the wall was a big sign announcing that it could only be opened by a member of staff when asked. So I asked. 5 minutes later no one had turned up and I gave up and left huffing and puffing, but let’s face it, this was a minor inconvenience for me and just irritating. But what if I was the disabled person who needed the loo??

WHY ARE DISABLED TOILETS KEPT LOCKED AND ONLY OPENED ON REQUEST???? Many people require the use of these facilities because they won’t have the time to make it to the other loos. Or as a human they may have waited til the last minute, for whatever reason, and be desperate. Why do they have to ask to just go to the toilet? Why should anyone have to wait for someone to unlock the door for them? A grown adult shouldn’t be made to ask! Lots of people would find that embarrassing, or just too time consuming and it could cause an accident for them! It just seems absolutely ridiculous!!

What do you think? Am I justified in my annoyance, or am I ranting over nothing??

Mrs H xxx


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  1. I get why the baby changing is in the disabled toilets if the toilets are upstairs. Not everyone could manage to carry a pushchair and baby up the stairs. I don’t get why they are always locked though. It sometimes feels awkward going to ask for them to be unlocked.

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