Welcome to The Herniman House!

I’m Sarah (Mrs H) mother to two boys, an energetic 4 year old and a “spirited” 20 month old, and wife to a Lighting Designer.

Me – Mrs H

I work part time in retail admin, so get to spend a lot of time with my toddler, and Husband when he’s not busy on tour!

As a family we do a lot of cooking, crafting, exploring, learning and playing.

As a couple we do a lot of film and tv watching, as well as eating out and trying new activities and travelling.

Although to be honest sometimes we just spend quiet time on the sofa recovering from the whirlwind toddler.

We also enjoy indulging our ‘geekdoms’ Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

My life is a little bit of all sorts, so that’s what I write about. Baby milestones, home improvements, new recipes we’ve tried, places we’ve visited or just rambling thoughts that I’ve had!

Me & Mr H

My husband, aka Mr H, works in theatre (not the hospital kind) lighting and designing for shows in and around South Wales.

Sometimes we get lots of time together, but more than often we rarely even get an afternoon, as he work on tours of back to back shows, so we often try to fit in dates and time for us whenever we can.

Toddler G

Our little Grayson, was Baby H, but now simply G, is a ball of energy. G is now 4 going on fourteen, and I know it’s such a cliche, but I really can’t believe how fast time is going.

G loves animals, singing and dancing and generally burning off a lot of energy. He can also be really sweet and cuddly, just don’t expect him to stay cuddled in for long!

He’s happiest when he’s got plenty of space to run around and practise his jumping and shouting, or seeking out a puddle.

Baby B

2016 saw the addition of Blake aka baby B to our little tribe. Although he’s most definitely not a baby anymore. He’s a bundle of hugs and kisses until something is wrong, and then watch out! He can probably be heard at least 3 streets away! He’s already growing to fast and way too strong.

The Herniman House does undertake reviews and sponsorships that I feel are relevant to us and my family.

If you’d be interested in working with us please check out the contact page for all the ways to get in touch.

Mrs H xxx